The Bakehouse

Every morning our bakers are at work before dawn mixing dough and hand-shaping crusty baguettes, savory focaccia, seed-encrusted boules, country loaves and more. Our artisan breads are handmade in the finest Old World traditions.

We take the same care with the European-style pastries made from hand-rolled puff pastry. A variety of croissants, danish, galettes, tarts, coffeecakes and cinnamon rolls are still warm when we open every morning.

Our full line of sandwich breads, buns and dinner rolls are on hand every day. We even developed our own gluten-free sandwich loaf so that people who need to avoid gluten can enjoy a fresh-baked bread that meets the same high standard of quality and flavor as all our products. (It makes amazing French Toast!)

Our Bakehouse has been Certified Organic since 2002. A number of our breads carry the Certified Organic label (pdf) and all of them are free of artificial ingredients. We are happy to take special orders for any of our products.