Candidate Selection Criteria

Reasons to Consider Running for the Board of Directors:

  • You want to make a contribution to your community
  • You want to give something back to your favorite co-op
  • You have talent and energy to share
  • You want to be actively involved in a representative democracy

Criteria Considered by the Nominations Committee for Board Candidates:

  • Active Wedge owner of record in good standing (may be verified with Customer Service)
  • Completed application and resume submitted prior to deadline
  • Ability to perform the responsibilities and expectations of board director
  • Commitment to the Code of Ethics and Conduct adopted by the Wedge Board of Directors
  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership qualities (listed below)
  • Understanding of the role of the Board of Directors
  • Ability to readily understand financial issues and read financial statements such as balance sheets
  • Previous board, committee or other group experience

Desirable Candidate Leadership Qualities:

The Wedge Board of Directors needs people with commitment to the entire ownership of the co-op, not just specific issues. If you possess the following leadership characteristics, or a good number of them, please consider applying:

  • Able to share a vision, a purpose, an ideal
  • Empowers others and delegates authority
  • Is creative, imaginative, and flexible
  • Respects multiple elements of diversity and diversity of thought
  • Displays candor and has the courage to challenge respectfully
  • Follows through on commitments
  • Understands balance between bottom line and larger organizational purpose
  • Able to maintain confidentiality when required
  • Able to work on a team
  • Able to put the interests of the whole body above the interests of a few
  • Able to think long term and see the big picture without getting bogged down in details
  • Previous experience working in a group or on a board and a background or expertise in finance, retail or wholesale management is a plus for candidates

Term: 3 years, beginning with the first board meeting following the October annual meeting

Compensation: $9128 per year, paid monthly (more for officers)