Businesses and Partnerships

Co-op Partners Warehouse (CPW)

Co-op Partners Warehouse, our certified organic wholesale distribution company is more than just a distributor. They're a trusted and experienced partner committed to small-scale farmers and producers throughout the upper Midwest. CPW delivers produce and other perishable products to co-ops and restaurants in six states.

Co-op Partners Warehouse from WedgeCommunityCo-op on Vimeo.

Midwest Food Connection (MFC)

An education non-profit that sends teachers to area schools with lessons about food and farming.

Common Roots Cafe

Common Roots Cafe supplies us with amazing local bagels. The cafe, just down the street on Lyndale, is fully committed to the food and environment ethics that guide the Wedge.

Environmental Initiative

As a business member, the Wedge supports and participates in the efforts of the Environmental Initiative to build partnerships among nonprofits, business, and government to develop collaborative solutions to environmental problems.

Equal Exchange

Fair Trading partner Equal Exchange houses its Midwestern distribution center at Co-op Partners Warehouse. They provide us with bananas, coffee, cocoa, tea and domestically-grown, fairly traded snack products with nuts and dried fruits.

MN Waste Wise

Minnesota Waste Wise is a member-supported nonprofit that provides environmental sustainability consulting to the Wedge and to other Minnesota businesses and organizations

Peace Coffee

We've sold and brewed Peace Coffee for years. In Fall 2010 they opened a coffee shop, featuring Wedge baked goods and soups.

SPIRE FCU and Wedge Co-op Visa Card

We teamed up with SPIRE Federal Credit Union to bring our shoppers a low-rate Visa that benefits Roots for the Home Team.

Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA)

The Sustainable Food Trade Association is a non-profit trade association that represents North American, mission-aligned, organic food companies. The SFTA supports us in implementing innovative sustainable business practices.