Wedge Visa and the Organic Field School

The Wedge Visa card issued by SPIRE Federal Credit Union does so many good things for you that it is hard to imagine it getting even better.

But it is.

Every time you use the Wedge Visa, SPIRE shares some of the "interchange fee" from that purchase with the Wedge. We donate the money to the Organic Field School, an educational non-profit we started in 2007 to use the resources of Gardens of Eagan Organic Farm to train the next generation of organic farmers.

The best education a new farmer can get is from an experienced farmer. The Organic Field School uses Gardens of Eagan as a living classroom for new farmers. We have already teamed up with the Land Stewardship's Farm Beginnings program to offered workshops about soil fertility, seed development and farm machinery for vegetable crops. Watch the OFS web site for future workshops.

OFS is a young project with big plans. Like all new projects, it will require some investment from the community. Devoting the funds that are generated by the Wedge Visa is just one way we can invest in this exciting project. Look for more news about the Organic Field School in the next year.

Applications to join SPIRE and apply for the Wedge Visa are at out Customer Service Desk. This is a chance to take your business out of the hands of the big national banks and put it where it directly helps your community and supports your values.