Teacher Bios

AmyLeo Barankovich founded Vegan Affairs: A Place for Taste and Grace, and offers cooking classes, coaching, and consulting for restaurants.

Anna Bonavita is a scientist with a passion for chocolate, quality and environment. She joined the fine-chocolate revolution three years ago.

Padma Chintapalli is an experienced teacher and loves to teach Indian cooking. She has learned to cook the traditional way- passed down from generations. Her classes are fast paced with a lot of food related information as well as cultural tidbits.

Anna Dvorak is a personal guide for living a vibrant and healthy life. She helps people discover their own paths to healthy living through classes, retreats and individualized guidance.

Ned Holle is an acupuncturist with 25 years of clinical experience.

Nathan Horek, ND, offers holistic primary care and natural medicine services. He has a deep concern for long-term health in relation to healthful eating habits.

Canan Karatekin is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota. She is originally from Turkey and loves to cook healthful Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.

Dr. Rhys Preston is a chiropractor who has provided successful and empowering health care to the Minneapolis community for over 19 years.

Jeff Woodward is one of the premier natural-foods-cooking teachers in the United States.