Co-op Ownership

Cooperatives cannot exist without owners. Owners literally own their co-ops. Co-ops exist to provide products and services the owners want. Joining a co-op means becoming an owner, a shareholder. You only join once. Your ownership lasts as long as you shop at the Wedge.

Everyone is welcome to shop at our co-op owner or not and everyone is welcome to join. We think the financial benefits of ownership make joining nearly irresistible.

Wedge Owner Benefits:

How To Join:

  • Fill out an application available at the Customer Service Counter. (Sorry, we cannot take online applications.)
  • Pick a payment plan for your eight shares of co-op stock.
  • Buy all 8 shares at once ($80) OR buy 2 shares every three months for a year ($20 x 4).
    We will remind you when it is time to purchase your next 2 shares, until you are paid in full.
  • Through the CAP: Co-op Affordability Project eligibile shoppers can join for just $10.

  • Owner benefits begin with the first payment.

The Technicalities

The ownership belongs to the person(s) who signs the application form. Spouses, partners, children and other household members are welcome to use the owner number when shopping. Only the signer(s) may exercise the full rights of ownership.

*To withdraw your ownership: Stock Refund Request forms are available at the Customer Service Desk. The co-op will repurchase the shares, subject to the provisions in the Bylaws.

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