Our Community

Concern for Community is a co-op principle. We support ours in a number of ways.

Change Matters

Our Change Matters program provides shoppers an opportunity to help local community-enrichment organizations by making small-change donations, which accumulate into a meaningful contribution for the recipient. The recipient changes monthly, with organizations chosen by a committee of Wedge staff. Watch the check stands for information about the current recipient.

Community Service Hours

Wedge staff earn "community service hours" as a benefit. They get paid for these hours when they volunteer for non-profit groups.

Donations Committee

Community organizations can ask for small donations to buy food or to give as prizes at events and fund-raisers.

Food Shelves and Disaster Relief

We collect food and cash from shoppers to help the hungry in our neighborhood. In times of natural disaster, the cash collections may be used for relief efforts.

Green Patches

Shoppers who use their own grocery bags get credit at the registers when they check out. Donated credit supports Gardening Matters and local food shelves.

SPIRE Federal Credit Union and Wedge Visa Card

When the Wedge Visa card is used, a portion of the fees are donated to the Roots for the Home Team.


A philanthropy started by the board and voted on every year by our members, WedgeShare grants fund initiatives and ongoing work of organizations whose missions align closely with the Wedge mission.