Community Round Up

September Donations will go to CLUES

We hear from our members that rounding up at the register is an easy way to make donations. It works well for the Minnesota FoodShare drive every March, so we've decided to do it year-round.

Each month we'll let you know who will be getting the money collected from your "round up" donations. (Cash donations placed in the plastic tubs at the registers will continue to go to local food shelves unless otherwise indicated.)

The Change Matters recipient for the month of September is CLUES (Communidades Latinos Unidos En Servicio), which seeks to empower people by connecting individuals and families to the resources, skills, institutions, and systems they need to make a change. They offer a wide range of services, including mental health, chemical health, aging services, youth and adult programs, and community health workers who actively engage with the community. CLUES was founded in 1981 by Latinos and for Latinos with the goal of advancing the capacity of Latino families to be healthy, prosperous, and engaged in their communities.

Make change easy. Ask your cashier to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar!