Call for WedgeShare Applications

2014 Grants Available

The Wedge is soliciting grant applications from organizations that work for sustainable development through environment, health-and-wellness, food, agriculture, or cooperative-related activities. If you work for or know of any organizations that fit one or more of these criteria, we encourage you to let them know of the availability of this year's WedgeShare grants.

What is WedgeShare? WedgeShare is a charitable giving program created by The Wedge Co-op Board of Directors in 1997. It is based on Cooperative Principle #7: Concern for Community, which states: "While focusing on member needs, cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies accepted by their members."

Each year, The Wedge makes grants to select organizations working for a sustainable future. Organizations that wish to apply for 2014 WedgeShare grants can pick up a copy of this year's WedgeShare guidelines at the Customer Service desk or review the guidelines posted on our website at

All information necessary to apply is included. All applications must be received by Friday, April 25, 2014. Late applications will not be accepted.

There will be a maximum award of $10,000 for any one organization. All inquiries should be directed via email to Wedge staff members do not have information except as noted at the Customer Service desk.

The WedgeShare Committee will review all applications to determine how closely they match the required criteria and will recommend to the full board a slate of applicants for inclusion on the 2014 member-owner ballot at the annual meeting. Wedge member-owners will then vote in the October 2014 election to select the recipients of this year's WedgeShare grants.

Have experience evaluating grant applications? The WedgeShare Committee needs your help reviewing this year's round of applicants. The committee recommends a slate of WedgeShare candidates to the board of directors in June to be voted on by the members in the October 2014 annual election. If you're interested in serving as the member-at-large on the WedgeShare committee, please send your qualifications to by March 31, 2014.