Donnay Chevre

Fourth generation cheese maker Brad Donnay started making goat cheese with his wife Leanne on their family farm near Kimball, MN in 2004. A true farmstead cheese, all the chevre is produced on the same farm where his closed herd of Saanen Swiss Dairy goats are pasture-fed.

But what does all this really mean, in terms of flavor? Well, this close attention to milk quality results in an award-winning chevre that is fresh, smooth, with a pleasant herbaceous quality. Not overpoweringly "goaty," but still full-flavored and tangy. You don't have to take our word for it. Donnay is the go-to chevre for many area restaurants and cafes.

This goat cheese is so popular that every winter there is a sad period during which we have to tell inquiring shoppers that it is temporarily unavailable. Donnay Farm makes their chevre in small batches to maintain consistent quality. That, combined with the fact that goats don't produce milk when pregnant, results in a short "dry season."

After all the kids arrive, usually in April, the delicious chevre comes back in stock.

Available in the bottom case of the cheese cooler in 4 oz. and 8 oz. containers.