Hot Foods

The Wedge Deli is just a few blocks from Uptown and Downtown, making us a convenient choice for lunch on-the-go or for dinner on your way home. To assist you with advance-planning, see our hot table menu.

We offer fresh pizza every day, baked on whole-wheat crust that we make right here at the co-op. Pizza toppings range from the familiar (pepperoni — all-beef and nitrate-free) to the gourmet (potato with sage and Gorgonzola cheese).

Or, choose a more filling entré, such as:

  • Pasta Louisianne
  • Lemon Pepper Baked Cod
  • Chicken Tikki Masala
  • Garbanzo Stew over Brown Rice
  • Sesame Orange Chicken
  • Curried Seitan with Mango
  • Red Bean Gumbo with Greens

Grab a delicious side too

  • Broccoli Parmesan Mashed Potatoes
  • Ozark Baked Beans
  • Gruyere Potato au Gratin with Ham
  • Reds and Greens
  • Zucchini Bulgur Casserole
  • Organic Emerald Sesame Kale

Menu items rotate, with a different meat, vegetarian, and vegan offering each day of the week. Every day we also offer at least two varieties of seasoned baked chicken, such as Garlic Basil, Cajun, Sage, or Teriyaki. We feature free-roaming chicken from Kadejan of Glenwood, Minnesota.

So, don't resort to fast food for your next meal! If you need a quick and easy solution for lunch or dinner, join us at the Wedge for a nutritious, hot meal made with an extra helping of TLC.