Our Recall System

The Wedge staff take food safety very seriously. Because of that, we have a detailed, rigorous procedure for handling, documenting and notifying customers about product recalls.

Wedge staff members receive recall notices at several stations and offices, and there is always someone on shift charged with monitoring them. Our recall handling procedure kicks in the minute we determine that a product we have carried is subject to recall for any reason.

To find out if a recall involves a product we have carried, we do a database search, a visual shelf and back-stock check, and check in with the purchaser, receiver or stocker of that product line. This triple-check assures us that we've covered all bases. Recalled product found in our store is quarantined away from other stock and ultimately destroyed.

Every step of a recall is documented as to the action taken, at what time and by whom. We retain the records of all contacts with customers as well. We notify customers about recalls in several ways:

  1. The "Current Recalls" page at our web site will have up-to-date information.
  2. Signs are posted in the store at the Customer Service Desk.
  3. We send the notice out to everyone who has signed up for the Action Alert list.
  4. If the product was sold recently, we generate a list of members who purchased the product and phone or send emails to them.
  5. If the product was in the store recently, we post the information on the home page.

We base that decision about steps 4 and 5 on whether the recall is of current or old product. Some recalls are issued a year or more after a product was sold or distributed, and are based on safety testing of the production environment, not reports of actual illness. Since these are often products with short shelf lives, they were probably consumed already.

Please go to the Action Alert list to sign up or check the Current Recalls page when you hear about recalls and wonder if the Wedge carried the product. We want you to be fully informed. We also don't want you to worry when products in the news are not anything we carried at the Wedge.