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Last Updated: August 14, 2015

From the midst of Eat Local Month where we're all in a starry-eyed gaze over local fruits and veggies (sweet corn! tomatoes! watermelon! broccoli!) arriving daily in the produce department it can be easy to overlook some of our local favorites here in grocery. I compiled a Top 10 list of my local standbys that may be out of the center spotlight for the moment, but always shine.

1. Living the Dream (L.T.D.) Farm - Pastured Duck Eggs

Have you tried a duck egg? They're packed full of rich, decadent flavor and tons of nutrition to boot. The Khaki Cambell ladies who lay the eggs at LTD Farm in Clayton, WI are very happy indeed; nearly as happy as you will be eating a delicious duck egg omelette!

2. Angelica's Garden - Pickled Beets

My younger self would cringe to hear me admit this, but I love pickled beets! On all varieties of salad, with hard boiled eggs, or just straight out of the jar, I eat them constantly. Angelica's beets are the best - organically grown on a 43 acre eco-farm in Elmwood, WI.

3. Prohibition - Pink Robot Kombucha

Made right here in Minneapolis with direct-sourced, hand picked tea from small family farms in China (they partner with Verdant Tea). Prohibition has a clean, delicate flavor that reflects the unique qualities of each tea. It's also long-fermented, which results in very low sugar and alcohol content. All three flavors are amazing, but the Pink Robot with Taiwanese Guava is my go-to.

4. Whole Grain Milling Company - Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

The BEST tortilla chips, hands down. They're made in a small factory in Trimont, MN from organic high-lysine corn grown on their farm in neighboring Welcome, MN. The Hilgendorf family take great with all that they do, and it comes across clearly in the pure corn goodness of these chips.

5. Lucky's - Rudolph's Red Hot Sauce

Rudolph's Red is my favorite all-purpose hot sauce. Made in Mankato, MN with red fresno peppers, the heat is mild and accessible but not boring. You can seriously put this on anything and everything, from eggs, sandwiches, veggies, tacos - the list goes on.

6. Bliss - Butterscotch Pecan Granola

This sweet, salty granola is like candy! But, you know, healthy candy. I like to pair it with Kalona plain yogurt (which is also local from Iowa!). Made in Saint Paul, MN all varieties of Bliss granola use Minnesota grown oats and this flavor features MN sourced maple syrup as well.

7. Lucille's Kitchen Garden - Blueberry Pepper Jam

Made with wild blueberries! This jam from Saint Paul, MN is nicely balanced between savory and sweet. Not only does it come in adorable jars, but it's delicious, too. Pair it with a local chevre on a nice crispy flatbread or cracker, use it as a glaze for meat, whisk it into a dressing, or try it on our Wedge-made bread, toasted.

8. True Dough - Gluten Free Flat Bread

Two sisters are the masterminds behind True Dough's healthy, versatile flatbreads made in Stillwater, MN. I've been saying that pizza is a health food all along, but True Dough flatbreads actually make it true - their grains and flours are locally sourced and good for you, too.

9. Pumphouse Creamery - Ice Cream

Made using local milk from Crystal Ball Farms in Osceola, WI (also in our dairy case!). They have many varieties in their shop in south Minneapolis (and their homemade cones use grain and seeds from Whole Grain Milling!). The Wedge has four perennial favorites vanilla, chocolate, mint, and (the best) sea salt and caramel!

10. Beez Kneez - Honey

Beez Kneez are beekeepers extraordinaire not only do they use sustainable beekeeping practices to maintain their hives throughout the Twin Cities, but they also extract their honey using bicycle power, make their deliveries on bike, and work to educate other beekeepers and the public about healthy hives. Try the Beez Kneez buckwheat honey drizzled on plain yogurt and fruit for the best breakfast ever.

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