Our bread selection includes locally baked and Certified Organic whole grain breads, bagels and rolls. We offer a selection of gluten-free breads, rolls and bagels.

Common Roots Cafe Bagels - Located just a few blocks from the Wedge, bagels are delivered fresh daily. There are seven varieties- plain, everything, poppyseed, sesame, garlic, onion, whole wheat and a sea salt pretzel, made with organic ingredients. Sold by the each.

Great Harvest - Located in the Linden Hills neighborhood, Great Harvest grinds the flour for their loaves on site. Baked with honey, these breads are flavorful and keep their freshness for a long time.

Rudi's Certified Organic Bakery - Located in Colorado, Rudi's began as a small natural bakery in the 1970s and now ships their product nationwide. Their line of Certified Organic breads includes honey wheat, 7-grain, 14-grain, Jewish rye, double fiber, oat nut and a selection of Certified Organic burger and hot dog buns. Look for their gluten-free line of breads in our freezer section in aisle 7.

St Agnes Bakery - Another St. Paul bakery, St. Agnes produces sourdough, Vienna sourdough and a wild rice bread. We feature their selection of sandwich breads and burger and hot dog buns. The bratwurst bun was formulated especially for the Wedge!

St. Paul Bagels - Delivered fresh daily, five pack varieties include plain, everything, whole wheat, multi-oat, cinnamon raisin, sesame, blueberry and onion. Free of preservatives.

Our "bulk" (buy as many or as few as you want) bagels come to us from Common Roots Cafe. Five-pack bagels come from the St. Paul Bagel Company.