Our bread selection includes locally baked and Certified Organic whole grain breads, bagels and rolls. We offer a selection of gluten-free breads, rolls and bagels.

Common Roots Cafe Bagels - Located just a few blocks from the Wedge, bagels are delivered fresh daily. There are seven varieties- plain, everything, poppyseed, sesame, garlic, onion, and whole wheat, made with organic ingredients. Sold by the each.

Great Harvest - Located in the Linden Hills neighborhood, Great Harvest grinds the flour for their loaves on site. Baked with honey, these breads are flavorful and keep their freshness for a long time.

Rudi's Certified Organic Bakery - Located in Colorado, Rudi's began as a small natural bakery in the 1970s and now ships their product nationwide. Their line of Certified Organic breads includes honey wheat, 7-grain, 14-grain, Jewish rye, double fiber, oat nut and a selection of Certified Organic burger and hot dog buns. Look for their gluten-free line of breads in our freezer section in aisle 7.

St Agnes Bakery - Another St. Paul bakery, St. Agnes produces sourdough, Vienna sourdough and a wild rice bread. We feature their selection of sandwich breads and burger and hot dog buns. The bratwurst bun was formulated especially for the Wedge!

St. Paul Bagels - Delivered fresh daily, five pack varieties include plain, everything, whole wheat, multi-oat, cinnamon raisin, sesame, blueberry and onion. Free of preservatives.

Silver Hills Sprouted Breads : from our neighbors to the north in British Columbia Canada, we offer vegan, non-gmo, organic breads some made with heirloom flours like Red Fife and Khorasan wheats

From our neighbors to the east, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we offer Angelic Buns, breads and "flattzas"(located in aisle 3). Another hearty, sprouted bread with amazing taste. Sprouted grains make bread easier to digest.

So, come check out our new lines, with more to come. And don't forget our selection of breads, including many gluten-free, found in the freezer cases.