Frozen Foods

As you near the end of your shopping trip, after browsing through our wonderful Cheese Department and stopping to say good day to the folks at the meat counter, don't forget to take a moment and peruse our Frozen Foods Department.

You will be astonished at the selection of delicious and all-natural locally made products to be had. Gaze at the walls above the freezer cases to see a selection of featured producers. "The number of local companies introducing high-quality frozen fare has increased dramatically in the last ten years" says Nate Oerter, the Wedge's frozen foods buyer, "we're pleased to have so many represented here."

One of the featured product lines is SnoPac, based in Caledonia, Minnesota. "SnoPac Fruits and Vegetables are superior in taste and texture" Nate opines.

In the ice cream cases you will find local favorites like Sonny's Ice Cream, a small-batch, super-premium line with amazing flavors made a few blocks down the street at the Crema Cafe.

Another notable — Uppercrust Fine Food Company, an all-natural ready to heat line of baked goods.

The Wedge also carries a wide variety of national brands of the best quality, priced competitively. One good example being Amy's, one of the last and best privately-owned, Certified Organic food manufacturers in America. All products from Amy's are vegetarian and egg-free, with a large selection of gluten-free products.