Refrigerated Foods

Our "cool" cases are filled with luscious dairy products, cultured and pickled vegetables, locally made organic tortillas, gluten-free tortillas and wraps, fresh peanut butter, local salsa, juices, and miso. Too many choices to list.

Local food and companies are tagged on the shelves to make "eating local" convenient for you.

Local Dairy

Local Yogurt

  • Kalona Supernatural
  • Star Thrower Farms
  • Tula's CocoYo
  • Countryview
  • Rochdale
  • Pastureland

Local Eggs

  • Schultz Organic Farm
  • Organic Valley
  • Locally Laid
  • Living the Dream (LTD) Duck Eggs
  • Harvey Lambright Bulk & Soy Free Eggs

Local Ferments

  • Angelica's Garden
  • Spirit Creek Farm
  • Yon's Kim Chi
  • Francisco's Pico de Gallo
  • Trrrific
  • Nessalla Kombucha
  • Shaktea Kombucha
  • Deane's Kombucha

Local Beverages

  • Gray Duck Chai
  • Wisco Pop

Local Misc.

  • Gardens of Salonica
  • Foxy Falafel
  • Deena's Hummus
  • Holyland
  • Canton Foods (fresh ramen)
  • RP's Pasta (gluten free)
  • Punk Rawk Labs (nut cheese)
  • Fresh Bar (bars)
  • WholeMe (bars)
  • La Perla (tortillas)
  • Tango Chimi (Chimichurri sauce)

Complete list of local producers