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Refrigerated Foods


Our "cool" cases are filled with luscious dairy products, cultured and pickled vegetables from, locally made organic tortillas, gluten-free tortillas and wraps, English muffins (gluten-free, too!) and crumpets, juices and miso and pickle. Too many choices to list.

Local food and companies are tagged on the shelves to make "eating local" convenient for you.

We give pride of place to local dairies with their award-winning butter, cream-top milk and whipping cream that awakens primal memories.

Eggs, glorious eggs with amazingly vibrant yolks come from happy chickens on farms around Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our eggs come from:

Complete list of local producers

  • Tuesday, April 15
    11–1 pm: Lume Soapworks
  • Tuesday, April 15
    1–4 pm: Slow-Cooker Pot Roast with Tomato Gravy
Each month, we feature staff picks on 15-20 items across the store. Our knowledgable staff share the inside scoop about the tastiest, healthiest or just plain most unusual products we carry.