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Maggie's Organics

Maggie's Organic Socks are back! Maggie's buys the fibers for their socks directly from organic farmers, assuring the best quality, true sustainability, and fair trade with complete transparency. All of Maggie's socks are made at family mills and co-ops in the USA.

Seedling Toys

Seedling toys and activity kits fuel young imaginations.

EcoEggs and EcoGrass

From a Minneapolis-based company, EcoEggs and EcoGrass are Easter basket ready! Plant-based plastic EcoEggs are reusable, non-toxic, and made in the USA. Plus they're biodegradable with industrial composting! EcoGrass is made from 100% recycled paper, reusable, and recyclable.

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Claro Ear Candles

Local, handcrafted ear candles made with pure beeswax and essential oils. The company is owned by two sisters from Red Wing, Minnesota, both with backgrounds in holistic therapies.

Cocokind Skincare

Cocokind is an organic skincare line centered around virgin coconut oil to provide your skin with deep and long lasting moisture while delivering key antioxidants. As a socially conscious company, they donate proceeds to give clean water, meals, and books to children in need all over the world. "We remind ourselves, our friends and family, and our customers that everyone can help change the world one small effort at a time."

Longfellow Soap Company

Just in time for Valentine's Day we have two new varieties of local, handmade Longfellow Soap - Honeysuckle and Rosewood. Owner John Hanson began making soap in 2014 after years of carpentry and stained glass work. He makes the soap using high quality olive, coconut, and avocado oil, and scented with pure essential oils. Each batch of soap is hand cut and packaged by John, then delivered fresh to the Wedge. All Longfellow Soap Company bars are on sale for just $2.99 each, February 3 - 17!

Garden of Life Raw Protein with Greens

The ever-popular Garden of Life Raw Protein family has a new addition with the Raw Protein & Greens. Each serving has 20g of protein from organic pea, organic sprouted brown rice, organic chia, organic navy bean (sprout), organic lentil bean (sprout), and organic garbanzo bean (sprout). Along with the protein is a blend of six nutrient-rich, energizing, organic greens and veggies organic alfalfa grass juice, organic spinach, organic kale, organic broccoli, organic carrot, and organic beet - plus 1.5 billion live probiotics, 13 enzymes, and 3g of organic fiber. Get the convenience of a clean, high-protein shake and your daily serving of organic veggies and greens all in one! Available in Vanilla, Chocolate Cacao, and Lightly Sweet with No Stevia.


New flavors of VegaOne are here try Mocha and Coconut Almond. With everything you need, all in one delicious scoop, Vega One gives you the nutritional confidence to tackle your full life with gusto—no matter how much you pack into it. Made from whole food ingredients, it's like a serving of "I've totally got this" in a glass.

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics

Formulated by award-winning microbiologist, Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira, Ph.D., Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics is a truly unique probiotic for these reasons: 1) it contains 12 synergistic strains of probiotics and 2) Dr. Ohhira has developed a growth/production process that requires from 3 to 5 years of fermentation. This extended fermentation process enables the strains of bacteria to grow and proliferate, and also results in the production of substantial metabolic byproducts such as organic acids, short-chain fatty acids, various vitamins, amino acids and other accessory nutrients. These are all of the beneficial compounds that are normally produced by probiotics in the GI tract. With Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics, you get the 12 strains of probiotics plus all these other beneficial compounds.

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January 2016

Queen Alaffia

The new colorful scarves, headbands, and cosmetic bags at the Wedge are more than beautiful they are the result of improved lives. Queen Alaffia products are handmade in Africa by women who were once living in such extreme poverty then were forced to resort to prostitution to support their families. Queen Alaffia has given them an opportunity to work in a respectable environment and never again need to sell their bodies. Learn more about the artisans and what goes into making each product at Queen Alaffia Artisan Center.


Seedling's beautiful and innovative eco-friendly kids activity kits are designed to spark hours of imaginative play. Seedling is passionate about the importance of growing young imaginations and celebrating the parenting journey one moment at a time by letting kids choose their own way to play.

Pacha Soap

Pacha founder Andrew hand-cutting a batch of soap in Hastings, NE.

New to the Wedge is handcrafted bulk soap made in Hastings, Nebraska. And for every bar you buy, Pacha gives a bar to someone in need. The buy-one, give one campaign, Raise the Bar means more than giving soap to someone in need. It is about raising the bar in every aspect! Through your support and purchases, Pacha and their partner, Imagine Burundi, help provide jobs for women and men in Burundi, Africa to handcraft the give-away bars (see below). The bars are then given to schoolchildren in surrounding communities. Hand washing with soap helps prevent potentially fatal diseases. When you purchase this lovingly-made soap, you know you are getting a premium product that also does good!

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