Featured Products - July 2015

Schmidt's Deodorant

This all-natural deodorant effectively neutralizes underarm odor and absorbs wetness. It's vegan, aluminum-free, propylene glycol-free, paraben-free & phthalate-free. The deodorant cream soothes delicate underarm skin while keeping you smelling fresh. Available in five varieties, including Fragrance Free.

Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm's trusted formulas are now available just for kids! Alcohol Free Organic Black Elderberry, Echinacea Glycerite, Immune Avenger, Lemon Balm Calm Glycerite, Tummy TLC, and Mullein/Garlic Ear Oil will support kid's needs naturally. Feel good about what you give your little ones.

Local Soaps

Clean up with the new local soap options on our shelves;

Longfellow Soap (Wedge Soap) Hand cut and handmade soap bars with exfoliate available in Pine, Cedar, or Cranberry.

Bodylish Soap and Bath Bombs Long-lasting bars of handmade soap and bath bombs packed with a mixture of skin softening powders, combined with vitamin-packed plant, vegetable and nut oils, floral waters, and plant essences! All with Bodylish's signature essential oils blends.

Suds! Bar Soaps Local soaps made with local beer! They're great for your skin and make a rich, and creamy lather. Each bar is wrapped in recycled corrugated cardboard and plant-able seeded paper. This paper is embedded with a variety of tiny seeds that will produce a bloom of wild flowers when planted!

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