Wedge customers can take researching health into their own hands (literally) with our Aisle7 system.

This touch-screen computer kiosk, located next to the books in the Health and Body Care aisle, allows customers to research a wide variety of health and food related topics. The Aisle7 system has access to an encyclopedia of health concerns (both men's and women's), a vitamin guide, herbal remedies, homeopathy, safety check (drug interactions and depletions), food notes, recipes (ethnic, popular cuisine, and special diets), sports nutrition, and weight management.

The Wedge subscribes to a central, Aisle7 informational hub, through which data is updated 2-4 times a year, making this a great tool for timely research. For example, after the USDA Organic Rule went into effect on October of 2002, the Aisle7 section on Organic Foods was updated with details on the federal rule itself and info concerning its impact on the organic industry at large.

While we're proud of our HBC staff's base of knowledge, it's terrific to have a tool like Aisle7 for customer's personal use as well.