Bulk Herbs, Spices and Tea

The bulk section in Aisle 6 holds over 200 herbs, spices and teas. We feature both culinary herbs and spices, and herbs that are traditionally used for medicinal purposes.

Our priorities when selecting the bulk herbs, spices and teas we offer include quality and flavor, Certified Organic and/or wild-crafted sourcing, Fair Trade status and a reasonable price for our customers. The majority of bulk herbs, spices and teas are purchased through Frontier Co-op, a natural products vendor located in Norway, Iowa.

The Advantage of Buying in Bulk

Buying herbs, spices and teas from our bulk jars is a great way to save money and packaging. Bring empty spice jars or cans from previous purchases at other stores and prepare to be shocked, not only by the savings - which is considerable - but also by how fresh our products taste and smell.

Bulk shopping allows you to purchase exactly as much or little as you want. When a recipe calls for just a pinch of an unusual spice, or if you want to compare several varieties of tea or try out a new culinary herb or spice, bulk is the best option. Buy a tad of a new spice for a dinner recipe or fill jars with everyday staples.

Here's how:

If you bring an empty container, weigh it empty and write the weight on a sticker. The container weight will be subtracted at the register. You pay only for the product, not the weight of your jar.

Write the PLU number, which is listed on the jar label, on a sticker and put it on your jar or one of the plastic bags we provide. Stickers, pencils bags and twist ties are by the scale in Aisle 6.

Use a clean scoop from the "Clean Scoops" bin to place the desired amount of product into your container. We provide tongs, funnels and rubber gloves for hard-to-scoop items so hands stay out of the jars. Use a new scoop for each bulk item you purchase. Leave used scoops or tongs in the "Dirty Scoops" bin.