1000 Hills Cattle Company in Cannon Falls, MN supplies grass-fed beef with robust flavor. This superior product is:

  • 100% grass-fed
  • All natural - no hormone or antibiotics given the cattle
  • Free-range and grazed on pastures free of pesticides and herbicides

Country Natural Beef Cooperative is a rancher-owned co-op. Ranchers own and control the management of their beef from birth to the retail cooler. The cattle are:

  • Fed a 100% vegetarian diet
  • On native range grasses, seeded pastures and hay for the first 14-18 months of life
  • All natural - no hormone or antibiotics
  • Finished on a feed blend of mostly cooked potato, sunflower and corn byproducts and hay

CNG is third party certified for humane animal practices and environmentally sensitive land management. Dr. Temple Grandin endorses their animal welfare standards.


Eichten Hidden Acres supplies our bison products. Bison is:

  • Indigenous to the prairies of Minnesota
  • Raised on feed free of pesticides or herbicides
  • Leaner and higher in protein than other red meats

Customers describe our bison meat as sweet and rich, particularly tasty in stew and chili.


We proudly carry chicken and turkey Kadejan Farms in Glenwood, MN. This is the highest quality fresh, free roam and antibiotic-free poultry. Be sure to try the fully cooked smoked chicken and turkey from Kadejan.


The Lamb Shoppe handles every aspect of raising their lamb from developing the prairie soil that grows the grass, the grass itself and the genetics of the sheep raised on their 180-acre farm on the Crow River near Hutchinson, MN.


Beeler's provides us outstanding pork products from independent family farms in Iowa. Beeler's producers are excellent stewards of their farms and our environment. The animals are never subjected to antibiotics, growth promotants, vaccines or vermifuges.

We extol the virtues of Beeler's Hog Wild Bacon in a lush BLT with organic lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, and Wedge Bakehouse Organic Sesame Bread.


As any cook knows, there are three elements that go into making a truly delectable dish:

  1. a great recipe
  2. the finest ingredients
  3. tender loving care

Wedge handmade sausages take sausage-art to a new level. Over the years, our staff has developed delicious recipes for mouthwatering varieties of chicken, pork, bison and lamb sausages.