We offer Blue Foot White Shrimp, farm-raised in Ecuador. It comes to us fresh, peeled and deveined.

Coho & King Salmon

We are proud of our long relationship with Nerka salmon. Nerka Coho and King salmon are caught in Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified Alaskan waters. The salmon are processed on the boat and immediately frozen. Many companies sell frozen fish. What makes Nerka salmon different from other frozen seafood is the exceptional quality control and speed in which they are processed and frozen.

Sockeye Salmon

Dave Rogotzke is a salmon fisherman who in the off-season lives in Duluth, MN. During the sockeye run Dave and family own and operate a salmon boat in Bristol Bay, Alaska. From mid-June through July, Dave and his family catch, process and freeze fillets of sockeye salmon to sell to us.

Smoked Salmon

Ed's Kasilof Seafood supplies us with a variety of smoked wild salmons, including our only lox-style salmon. All the salmon are from MSC certified waters and are nitrate-free.

Local Seafood Year Round - Fresh and Smoked

We are excited to offer fresh catch, local and wild lake trout all year round from Lake Superior. In fact, it is caught to order. We call Lou's Fish House, and they call the fishing boats. Lake trout is delivered straight off the boat to Lou's for processing and delivery. (In this case, "processing" means filleting the fish.) Lake trout works beautifully in all your salmon recipes and this fresh product will remind you of your last trip Up North.

Everett's Smoked Fish, Port Wing, WI has been around since 1954. We sell three kinds of smoked fish, lake trout, whitefish and herring which Everetts not only smoke, but catch out of Lake Superior. They also are responsible for our very popular smoked Atlantic salmon Cajun, brown sugar and plain.

Since 1854, Star Prairie Trout Farm's ice-cold spring water has provided an ideal natural habitat for commercial trout-raising. Located in Star Prairie, Wisconsin, they are able to deliver fresh rainbow trout twice a week. Star Prairie also offer several flavors of smoked rainbow trout.

"The Rest"

Six days a week (never on Sunday) our seafood buyers order fish from a variety of vendors. We deal with a number of vendors large and small to give us the best options for each kind of fish, because each fish has a story to tell.

Most of our daily purchases come from The Fish Guys. Located 8 blocks north of us, The Fish Guys have sourced the best available seafood globally to deliver locally. We are proud of The Fish Guys because they are the first Marine Stewardship Council certified wholesaler in Minnesota.