This article was published in the February/March 2006 Wedge newsletter. The following information may be outdated.

Close the Loop: Buy Recycled!

Eureka Recycling's paper buying cooperative gives organizations, individuals, and businesses in the Twin Cities area the chance to obtain high quality, 100% post-consumer recycled office paper at a reduced cost.

Twice a year in the Spring and Fall, Eureka Recycling places a bulk paper order by combining many smaller orders into one large order. This allows us to get a bulk discount from the paper supplier and pass that savings on to you, making the cost comparable to that of virgin fiber paper (under $4.00 a ream).

Sometimes making the right consumer choices is hard to balance with a limited budget. For example, many of us want to buy post-consumer recycled paper in support of our own recycling efforts to save energy and trees, as well as to reduce the harmful effects of burning or burying waste. Unfortunately, recycled paper can be more expensive than non-recycled "virgin" paper and difficult to find.

But there is a way! Eureka Recycling coordinates a recycled products buying cooperative that combines many smaller orders into a single order large enough to get a bulk discount directly from the supplier. This helps grow the market for post-consumer recycled products such as paper, and makes it more available and affordable. The co-op currently offers 100% post-consumer recycled copy paper, processed without the use of chlorine, at a reduced cost to you. This paper looks and performs like virgin paper, but is made completely of paper from someone's recycling bin!

The next Recycled Paper Co-op order will be this spring. New for 2006, Eureka Recycling is planning on expanding the product offerings beyond paper to include compostable to-go containers and recycled plastic recycling bins. Other ideas and suggestions are welcome. New pricing and product availability will be available in early March.

Contact Eureka Recycling today for more information and to join the co-op's email list to be notified of the next order: 651-222-7678 or Visit our wesbite ( for more information, including paper cost comparisons and environmental benefits.