This article was published in the February/March 2006 Wedge newsletter. The following information may be outdated.

User's Credit + Patronage Refund = A Cooperative Combination!

As a Wedge Co-op member, you're already familiar with the fundamentals of the co-op movement and how shopping at your co-op benefits the entire membership. We at City-County Federal Credit Union (CCFCU) have an offering that extends that same principle to your financial transactions. Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce User's Credit!

CCFCU's User's Credit program rewards you for using credit union services. It can be tied into just about everything you do with your money. You can earn points for direct deposit, checking, ATM use, car loans, Share Certificates, Call-24 telephone transactions, and many other services. Add to that 1% of your total CCFCU VISA purchases and you'll be earning real money. The more services you use, the more points you earn.

Just enroll in the User's Credit program when you become a member of CCFCU or add it to your existing CCFCU account, and you'll be good to go. Once you get started, your credit union's staff will keep track of the User's Credit points you earn, list them on your statements, convert them to cash at a penny a point, and deposit your earnings into your Share account every November... just in time for the Holiday shopping season.

You're probably thinking, "Hey, this sounds a lot like the Wedge's Patronage Refund!" If so, you're right on the money. A credit union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial co-op run much like your grocery co-op. As a result, City-County Federal Credit Union members enjoy better than average returns on their deposits, lower interest rates on loans, and fewer, smaller fees than at a for-profit bank.

CCFCU also offers you a smiling face along with its wide range of savings and loan options for both your business and personal accounts. You'll discover a full menu of financial services... many without the annual or monthly fees you might expect to pay when transacting business elsewhere. Since our members are our owners, you can rest assured the staff of your credit union will act in your best interest.

If the Patronage Refund and User's Credit sound like a winning combination to you, pick up a City-County Federal Credit Union New Member Packet from the Member Services Desk the next time you shop at YOUR Wedge Co-op!