The Share Submission Guidelines

The Share is a quarterly publication of Wedge news and nourishment. Most of its content is created by Wedge staff and falls into distinct, regularly published sections. While we welcome submissions, and promise to review them in a timely fashion, we cannot guarantee their publication. If you're interested in submitting articles, editorials, letters to the editor or artwork, you can do so by emailing them to the editor.

Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting work to The Share:


  • Articles should be between 500 and 650 words
  • Editorials should be a maximum of 300 words
  • Letters to the editor should be a maximum of 200 words

Font: Does not matter. We convert everything to our newsletter font.

Formatting: A plain document file (.doc) is preferred. Please do not format with a center-justified headline, headers, footers or any other fancy stuff. Bullets are OK.

Byline: Include your name, title and department or business name (if any). Example: By Snorre Sorensen, Manager, Snorre's Snuff Box

Headline: Include a suggested headline.

Biography: Include a 25-word bio at the bottom of the article

Saving: When you are saving your document, please identify it by your last name, the date and subject. Incorrect example: "wedgearticle.doc." Correct examples: "Smith_pesticides_08282014.doc," and "Jones_maplesyrup_03Sep2014.doc."

Sidebars: Submit sidebars as separate attachments. Title these documents in the same way as you do the article, but add "SB" for sidebar.

Photos: Photographs are welcome. Include the photographer's name and proof of their permission to use it if you are not the photographer. High resolution .pdf files are preferred, but .tif or .jpg, 300 ppi are also acceptable. This is a four-color, CMYK, publication.

Other things to keep in mind:

  1. Attribute the sources of ALL your information and quotes. If you think it would be helpful to readers, you can include, at the end of your piece, a list of websites or other reference materials used in your research.
  2. Spell-check the submission.
  3. Do not indent the first sentence in paragraphs, but leave a space between paragraphs.
  4. Single space between sentences.
  5. Justify the left margin.
  6. To use abbreviations, spell out the organizational name the first time it is mentioned and then put the abbreviation in parentheses. You may then use the abbreviation in subsequent references to the organization.
  7. Use hyphens whenever you put two words together as an adjective, as in the case of "calorie-packed treats" or "love-inducing puppies." The exception is if the first word ends in "ly," as in the case of "locally made goods" or "fairly traded bananas." In these cases, no hyphen is needed between the first two words.
  8. Follow AP Style for punctuation, especially for the serial comma and punctuation with quotation marks.