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Last Updated: June 26, 2015

Local season is in full swing this week in the produce department! Just this morning we welcomed a shipment of organic baby bok choy, scallions, collard greens, and fennel from Driftless Organics in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. Driftless Organics is one of our favorite local suppliers, and you can check out a picture of their amazing scallions on Wedge produce's new Twitter feed, @profproduce.

Another local farm we love is Wisconsin Growers, which usually supplies our green tomatoes, and they've given us red slicing tomatoes this week. If you've been avoiding the ones from Mexico you can give the new ones a try this weekend. They've got a great flavor and are perfect with a pinch of salt and pepper for an afternoon snack.

Featherstone Farm snap peas came in this week, and they are sweet, crisp goodness. Try them as a perfect addition to an a la carte picnic at the beach on a hot day.

Humble Pie Farm's sunflowers came in to the floral department today. This past week saw a pretty large storm cross the Twin Cities area, and Humble Pie, which operates on the same land as Gardens of Eagan, experienced forty mile-per-hour winds on their property. Their sunflowers were almost flat to the ground once the storm had passed over, and their farmers worked through the day installing support rods and securing their tallest plantings. We're lucky to have those sunflowers this week, so look for those on our floral shelves across from the Customer Service desk. They're gorgeous!

Garlic Scapes

Gardens of Eagan also dropped off a pallet of green, red, and dino kale, garlic scapes, and romaine lettuce this morning. Early next week we'll see their ground cherries, which you can preview at Kingfield Farmer's market this Sunday. GoE's broccoli will also be ready for us by next Tuesday. Soon to come from them are cucumbers, which will be sold exclusively at the Wedge! We've had some cucumber shortages recently, so keep your eyes peeled for those local cukes. They'll hit the shelves next Friday.

As mentioned above the produce department has a new Twitter feed! You can follow us @profproduce for new product updates, specials, local features, and food news.

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