Pomelos are here! Also called "ancient grapefruit", this senior citrus is sweet and cheery.
Pomelos are here! Also called "ancient grapefruit", this senior citrus is sweet and cheery.

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With Thanksgiving behind us, and the upcoming winter holidays nearly a month away, the cold in Minnesota can begin to wear one down. Luckily, The Wedge has all the citrus, apples, and mangoes that you'll need to ward off the oncoming blues until your next holiday gathering rolls around.

The most notable change this week is the return of the mango; organic Tommy Atkins Mangoes have arrived from Ecuador! These sweet treats are excellent on their own, but their somewhat fibrous flesh is also an excellent thickening agent for any smoothie that needs a bit more body. Answer your taste buds' cries for anything tropical with the pleasant experience of this mighty mango.

Whether you're looking to try something new and tropical, or you're already in the know about this senior citrus, Pomelos have returned to The Wedge from California. Also known as "ancient grapefruit", the Pomelo possesses a similar taste to its grapefruit relatives, but without their occasional bitterness or unpleasant tang. What's left is a sweetness that is sure to please. These formidable fruits are large enough to be shared, but delicious enough that finishing one alone won't be any trouble either.

If you're looking for something a bit more familiar, look no further than the recently received organic Clementines and Daisy Tangerines. Those who don't enjoy seeds will enjoy the traditional tang and superb sweetness of the clementine. The easy to peel tangerines aren't seedless, but they offer a more potent punch. These citrus, along with the previously mentioned pomelos and mangoes, are loaded with the Vitamin C that everyone's looking for to the stave off the common cold as winter creeps back in.

It's clear the rapidly arriving citrus season is the future, but let us not be hasty in forgetting about the apple season of the very recent past. Anyone who didn't quite get their fill during the peak apple season would do well to try both the organic Sundowner and Ambrosia Apples out of California. Both apples hearken back to a time that, with snow on the ground, can feel like an eternity ago: September. A bite of either of these crisp apples evokes a pleasant nostalgia of autumn apple orchards.

Whether it's citrus, mangoes, apples, or the even just return of Italian Parsley after a brief absence, we at The Wedge are doing our best to keep this week, month, and winter season exciting for our shoppers. Stop in anytime this winter and perk up at the vast selection of fruits that are in sharp contrast to the weather you've walked in from.

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