Triple cross TDE Tangerines! Temple tangor + Darcy mandarin + Encore mandarin=TDE
Triple cross TDE Tangerines! Temple tangor + Darcy mandarin + Encore mandarin=TDE

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This week in produce we are very busy planning and prepping for the remodel construction that begins next week. Our display cases in the middle will be turned lengthwise and produce from south facing cases and in the root rack will be merged into the middle and north facing cases. This includes moving the potatoes, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, hot peppers, berries, etc. We're very excited for the remodel and can't wait for the all the changes coming up. Just ask us if you're having trouble finding something. We're happy to help!

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Updated every Friday

We have several new items in produce this week; most notably is the TDE tangerine, the most famous and patiently awaited citrus product of the season. TDE is a triple cross between the Temple tangor (itself a cross between tangerines and sweet oranges), the Dancy mandarin, and the Encore mandarin. We are currently carrying the Shasta variety of the TDE, and it tastes better than the best citrus flavored candy out there. These beauties are definitely not around forever, so get them while you can. They're won't be back until this time next year.

An Enterprise apple a day helps you live long and prosper.

If you're looking for an easily peeled snack that tastes great and is seedless, look no further than the Kishu mandarin. These tiny little fruits have a great burst of sweet, tangy citrus flavor. They're also the smallest mandarin we've had in stock; peeling and separating the slices make it look like a handful of jelly beans, and they taste just as good!

We have a new variety of apple on the shelf this week called the Enterprise. It's a firm fleshed apple with a sweet flavor and mild tartness. Beam some up if you like McIntosh or Golden Delicious - you'll find the Enterprise a delightful addition to your apple crew.

Sour oranges, or marmalade oranges, are in this week for their brief season. These will only last until about mid-February so grab some now if you're a canning fanatic. They also work wonderfully in marinades, drinks, and for pickling onions. Check out our Pinterest page for some recipe ideas.

African Shaddock Pommelo

Driftless Organics now has 5 lb. bags of organic red potatoes available alongside their 5 lb. bags of yellow potatoes. Hunt these down for a nicely priced bag of local spuds. They're great for boiling, baking, or adding to soups and stews.

The African Shaddock Pommelo is also new this week. It's a different variety of the regular pommelo, with a very complex flavor. It's like a grapefruit with all of the sweetness and less of the bitter sourness. The peel is brighter yellow than its counterpart and has a slightly pointed end, sort of like a pear. Let the African Shaddock sit at room temperature for a few days and its aroma will permeate the room. In fact, this delicious fruit was even used as a room freshener because of the pleasant, subtle fragrance. Once it starts developing spots on the rind, it's at its ripest and its flavor at its finest. Give one a try today!

Johansen Ranch Organic Blood Oranges

January is an exciting time for citrus and we are constantly getting in new varieties. New this week from one of our very favorite citrus growers, we have organic blood oranges from Johansen Ranch, home of the most amazing satsuma mandarins. The lot we have now has a slightly paler color than the conventional blood oranges, and a more pronounced tart flavor. Give them a try for delicious flavor somewhere between a grapefruit and a navel.

We have local organic rainbow carrots in 2 lb. bags from Harmony Valley, and 3 lb. bags of orange carrots from Driftless, both from Wisconsin. I recommend using them for a rainbow carrot and ginger soup to ward off the colder temperatures coming this week.

Driftless Organics has delivered 2 lb bags of organic blue potatoes which we're lucky to have so late in the season. Change up your Sunday brunch routine and make some blue potato hash browns! If that's not your cup of tea, there are still local red, yellow, and russets available from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Organic mango oranges are available this week, and these are just about the sweetest a citrus fruit can get. They have a pale orange flesh, very much like a mango, and a mild, ultra-sweet flavor. Try them for a variation on the typical orange and enjoy this mostly seedless, and wonderfully juicy fruit.

Organic Cameo apples are back this week from Washington. These apples are most likely a cross between a Red delicious and a Golden delicious apple. They have a less firm flesh, like the Golden delicious, along with an aromatic, sweet flavor like the Red delicious. An apple a day helps keep those resolutions on track, right?

The produce department has had an interesting week trying to keep up with several shortages on popular products. The weather in growing regions has been tricky recently with cooler temps almost everywhere we rely on for our winter produce. California had a multi-day freeze and parts of Mexico saw freezing temps and their first significant snowfall in 25 years! We are happy to say, however, that we will be getting many items you might have missed back for the weekend. Organic cauliflower and organic celery are back on our shelves as of today, but we're still waiting on scallions and collard greens to make a comeback. We should see them both again within a week or so.

If we do happen to run out of cauliflower again, we have organic Romanesco on hand for quick substitutions. No spoilers here, but this chartreuse stunner (and nature's only fractal food) has a cameo in the latest blockbuster. Look for it as pub food in a galaxy long ago and far, far away. Organic bulk arugula is also back in stock for the weekend. We will see the return of much more produce this weekend as our warehouse gets our missing items back. Stick out the cold and come to the Wedge to find your favorite produce!