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Candy bowl courtesy of Gardens of Eagan with
their sweet bulk cherry tomatoes

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It's Labor Day weekend and the kids may already be back in school but it still feels like summer outside. We're living every 80+ degree day to it's fullest with sweet corn, tomatoes, and fresh watermelon galore, yet clapping with delight at the arrival of the latest local apple variety and other fall favorites like pumpkins and squash. Lucky for us we can fully indulge the cravings of both seasons right now in the Wedge produce department.

Since it's still officially summer and nothing says summer like Gardens of Eagan Red Watermelon - on sale this week, cut and whole. Their bulk mixed cherry tomatoes are perfect right now and we have plenty in stock. On sale while supplies last, most likely only through this weekend. Pick some up soon!

All of the Organic Bell Peppers are local right now! There's nothing like the crunch of a farm fresh pepper! We have green bells from Gardens of Eagan, red and gold from Featherstone Farm, and gorgeous lavender bell peppers from Wisconsin Growers. We'll be getting more of all these varieties over the weekend and into Monday morning.

Wisconsin Growers Sweet Potatoes will be on the shelf by this weekend. These jewel yams with sweet orange flesh are perfect for baking, mashing, roasting, or turning into an early sweet potato casserole when the autumn mood strikes.

Speaking of the autumn mood striking, Winter Squash varieties seem to be multiplying daily, almost all of which are local as of this week. Featherstone Farm delivered five varieties Thursday morning: Butternut, Acorn, Pumpkin, Jester, and Buttercup. We also have Turk's Turban, Long Island Cheese, Pie Pumpkin, and Spaghetti Squash from the Wisconsin Growers collective. Once the outside temperature drops for good, I for one will be bringing home as much acorn squash to roast as I can. Try that or the jester squash, which looks similar to the delicata, curry roasted with coconut milk. It will warm up the coldest days yet to come.

Chestnut Crabapples from Breezy Hill

The apples are just on the cusp of their mid-season peak, but for now we have a few local varieties. Breezy Hill has an Organic Chestnut Crabapple, a crisp and sweet little apple that's great for eating fresh or baking. We also have three pound bags of conventional SweeTango Apples from Fireside Orchard in Northfield, Minnesota. SweeTango apples have the best light, crisp texture right now with just a hint of tartness in their flavor. Give those a try if you can't wait for the Honeycrisps. Hoch Orchard also has three pound bags of Organic Beacon Apples, which most resembles the State Fair apple in flavor and texture.

And now a word from Gardens of Eagan

As the peak harvesting of melons, cucumbers & corn slips into our memories, the Shallots, the Leeks and the Cipollini, Yellow & Red Onions demand our immediate attention. The Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale and Peppers continue to produce like crazy and I can't imagine a more excellent harvest crew they truly demonstrate a love of farming. Probably the sweetest item from the field right now are the mixed varieties of Cherry and Grape Tomatoes (see photo above). We are making a special trip to the Wedge today to keep that gorgeous display full. They eat like candy try some of this local medley today!

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