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Last Updated: July 18, 2014

Halfway through July already? While it may feel like summer is speeding by, we're also just now diving headlong into the local produce season. Mid-July is when we start seeing more and more of our summer favorites in the department, and this weekend in produce we have some stuff you will not want to miss.

Personally, I am most excited about local raspberries being in stock! Yes, the raspberries are finally here, and holy smokes are they good. Naturally Northern, a family-run business just an hour and a half outside of the cities, has their beloved beautiful berries here in stock for the weekend. I highly recommend you check out this recent grower profile of Naturally Northern, to learn more about how they make those berries taste so good.

We also have raspberries and black currants from local apple grower, Hoch Orchard. Hoch's delicious certified organic berries are a summer favorite and a sweet treat not to be missed this weekend.

I just heard a rumor that we will be carrying Barnard Orchard cherries this weekend! If any of you have tried the Barnard cherries in previous years, then you can understand why so many of us are freaking out over their arrival. Sweet, supple texture, and bursting with flavor, these cherries are always at the top of my summer must-try list. Pick some up this weekend, they are perfect for snacking and baking.

Lastly for fruit this weekend, Gardens of Eagan is bringing in the tiny, French melons, known as Charentais. Very sweet, and with a flavor sometimes described as floral, these personal-sized melons (which means I will eat mine in one sitting) make a refreshing dessert on a humid summer evening. Don't forget we are just two weeks away from Gardens of Eagan being fully transitioned to organic! Be sure to check their website for events for this momentous occasion! We are all so excited here at the store for them to be organic so soon!

On the veggie side of things we've got cucumbers pouring out our ears this weekend, with local cukes from Gardens of Eagan, Scenic Valley, and Keewaydin. Refreshing and crunchy, they're perfect for salads, juicing, or just adding a little salt and snacking. Which is the best? That is for you to decide!

Featherstone is bringing in beautiful cabbages this weekend—red, green, and savoy. I hope you're ready to make slaw, kimchi, or sauerkraut! Super fresh, full of flavor, and with a wonderful crunchy texture, these local cabbages will make all of the difference in your favorite dishes.

A few last notes, be sure to try the Scenic Valley green bell peppers, Driftless Organics bunched baby leeks, the Wisconsin Growers baby red potatoes, and the many local produce treasures continuing to flow in, like greens and tomatoes.

Not sure what you want to eat this weekend with so many choices? Don't fret, our friendly and knowledgeable produce staff loves to give recommendations, so be sure and ask away, we're always happy to help.