Happy October! Gardens of Eagan is still busy harvesting.
Happy October! Gardens of Eagan is still busy harvesting.

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It's time again for another apple update in the Wedge produce department:

We have conventional Honeycrisp apples from Whistling Well Farm, who are also providing our McIntosh and SweeTango varieties. Try them while you still can, they're delicious as ever!

Breezy Hill Farm now has Frostbite apples available in three pound bags. These smaller sized apples have a complex flavor that I can only describe as distinctly honey flavored, and I think they would be perfect for baking with cinnamon, nutmeg, and butter in the oven.

We have another new conventional, local apple as of today: The Kinderkrisp. It has a mild, sweet flavor and a satisfying crunch. The Honeycrisp is one of its forbears, hence its name, and it definitely retains the Honeycrisp's sweetness and great texture. They're even easy to grow if you want to start your own backyard orchard!

Give the Hoch Haralson apples a try if you're looking for something more tart and crisp. They bake firmly and would make a great pie if you're so inclined. These are a conventional variety from Hoch orchard, but no need to worry; Hoch is an Integrated Pest Management farm.

In other produce news, we have local cauliflower back this week from Harmony Valley farm, and we should have that for the next couple of weeks at least. Try roasting some of this with our new garlic variety from Driftless Organics: the Chesnok red garlic. This will eventually replace the Italian red variety we currently have, though its flavor profile is slightly sweeter and milder when cooked or roasted. It would be perfect for some sweet onion flavor without as much of the bite or spiciness of other garlic.

And now a word from Gardens of Eagan

Gold Beets at GOE

The fields have been lightly frosted over for two nights now. The final field of sweet potatoes is curing in greenhouse #9. The ground cherry baskets are on the schedule to come down from the ceiling racks of another greenhouse. The pack-shed is in constant motion running big, sweet gold and red beets and sweet potatoes through the brush washer, the leeks are bobbing in the tank and the crew is arriving with a massive kale harvest. While the fall harvest pours out of the fields with no let-up in sight the tomato vines hang without fruit and the furthest field of bell peppers is getting disked under as I write. Two new fields of broccoli will be ready to start harvesting next Monday. Welcome October!

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