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Wedge Shopping Guide

Our Wedge Basics and Beyond: your friendly guide to co-op affordability was assembled through owner advice, staff wisdom and research, we're excited for you to dig in and enjoy!

All of us here at the Wedge feel fortunate to be a part of such an outstanding community. Our staff has vast knowledge about our store, the products we carry and the people who created them. Our owners are the reason we exist and they are vital to building our local food system. Together, we have an abundance of Wedge wisdom. So we've created and curated this guide to tell the story of how the Wedge can fit your life and your budget.

Your friendly guide to the Wedge is filled with staff and owner advice and tips to make your dollars go further, department by department. Click to findů.

  • Money-saving tips
  • Meal-planning tips
  • Storage guides
  • Shopper advice
  • and more!

Wedge Basics: High Quality + Low Price Every Day

Our Wedge Basics program ensures affordable prices for everyday essential ingredients. Look for the designation throughout the store, on more than 60 products, to find the co-op's most affordable foods and wellness products. Don't worry, we're not lowering product quality standards or paying farmers any less. We're simple giving extra-low prices on a selection of healthful products that everyone should have access to, even on a budget. There's no need to enroll in a special program to benefit from Wedge Basics, just look for the signs to find everyday savings!

Click to read more about Wedge Basics and view the product list

Bulk Foods Save You Money

Save packaging and buy only the amount you need by shopping the bulk bins. Here's how:

  • Weigh an empty container on one of the available scales. Bring clean containers from home, buy new ones at the co-op or use the free bags near the scales
  • Record the weight of the container - labels are by the scales
  • Record the PLU number from the product dispenser on the same label

The cashier will deduct the empty container weight when ringing up the product. Free paper and plastic bags are available in the bulk section for your convenience. A variety of containers are offered for sale at and above the bulk nut-butter counter.

For environmental reasons, we encourage our customers to use reusable containers for transportation and storage of bulk foods. If you intend to bring in a reusable container for coffee beans that you'll be grinding in the store, please take special care to clean it. The coffee grinder is intended for organic coffee only. Clean containers prevent contamination. Your cooperation will assure you and all customers of the organic integrity of self-serve ground coffee.

Re-use Bags

Bring your own grocery bag and we will credit you $0.10 (called a "Green Patch") at the register, up to five bags per shopping trip. You may choose to donate your Green Patches to to a community group instead of taking a credit - just tell the cashier.

Special Orders

Pre-order full bags or cases of product for 5% discount (10% for Wedge members).

We can order some products we do not normally carry. Staff at the Customer Service Counter can provide the information about such orders.

Deli special orders need to be placed 48 hours before you want to pick up the food. Such orders are placed at the Deli counter.

Special orders for Health and Body Care products, books and General Merchandise (non-food) products are placed at the desk in Aisle Six. These orders may require a non-refundable deposit.


The Wedge is committed to providing our owners and the community with high quality foods, sourced with integrity and a commitment to sustainability. We strive for transparency about our products and empowerment of our customers to make informed food choices. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are extremely prevalent in our nation's food supply and it is difficult for stores to completely remove these products. While we are not a GMO-free store, we recently developed a set of GMO principles that we are using to guide policies across all departments to provide customers with GMO-free choices as well as resources and education about GMO foods.

Our Non-GMO Shopping Guide takes you through our store department by department, offering tips and helping you find products that are free of GMOs. Inside you will also find resources to help you stay informed and get involved in the GMO debate.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We will cheerfully refund or replace unsatisfactory merchandise returned within 30 days of purchase as follows.

  • With the receipt and product reimbursement will be made in the same manner as paid or store credit.
  • Without the receipt and/or product we will issue an exchange or store credit.
  • All returns are subject to management approval. We reserve the right to refuse refunds.