January Staff Picks

Callie, Produce
KC's Best Wild Rice Pieces (Bulk)
Nothing quite says "Minnesota!" like wild rice! Full of wonderful nutrients, packed with flavor, wild rice gives texture and character to any meal. Why do I love KC's Best? The pieces (instead of whole) cook faster, and the price is great, too! Try it in blueberry pancakes, in stuffing, or in your favorite cold weather soup recipe!
Nora, Front End
Bulk Dried Mangos
Dried mangos are so great! Every time I eat them my inner child comes out-fruit snacks for adults! Wahoo!
Peter, Meat & Seafood
KA-ME Sweet and Sour Sauce
This sauce is one of my favorite Asian sauces! Great with chicken wings and pork ribs! Grill to add a smoky flavor to the sweetness of the sauce. Pineapple chunks accent any veggie variety and meat combination.
Britt, Front End
Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles
Not your ordinary noodle...light with a slight crunch, they add a wonderful texture to any dish hot or cold! Use the whole bag or just a handful and they keep in the fridge forever! Guilt free and sooo good for you. Try 'em, you'll love 'em!
Angie , Front End
Lucille's Garlic Pepper Jam
This is my jam! It's the perfect company to any cheese and cracker spread. Or it will give your bagel and cream cheese some gusto. Your taste buds with be dancing in no time!
Fern, Grocery
Blue Diamond Honey Mustard Crackers
Tangy taste, sweetened with honey. My favorite combination is with a mellow Havarti.
Angie, Front End
Gardens of Salonica Boughatsa
You will be saying "Opa!" from start to finish with this savory pastry. Its flaky and tender filo perfectly houses the mouth watering union of spinach and feta. It's truly the perfect treat!
Chelsea , Front End
Quorn Chik'n Garlic Herb Cutlets
I recently stopped eating meat! Quorn chik'n cutlets are by far the best substitute I've found so far. It's a great cholesterol-free source of protein, fiber, and amino acids. They come in four different flavors for cutlets and the garlic is my favorite. ♥
Fern, Grocery
Against the Grain Gluten-free Pizza
Amazing crust, freshest ingredients. Great gluten-free option.
Dan, Cheese
La Tur Cheese
Easily the most complex and interesting cheese in this case. This little guy takes three animals to complete. Plus it comes in a sweet muffin liner! East with bread or crackers or with a spoon.
Brooke, Health & Body Care
Zum Almond Orange Scrub
Health & Body Care
This salt scrub smells amazing (go ahead, smell it!) and it is awesome for smoothing rough skin, helps remove toxins from the skin, promotes circulation, tightens skin AND improves skins texture! I feel scrubs are super underrated for all the good they do!!
Amber, Grocery
Lou's Garrett Valley Smoked Chorizo and Andouille Sausages
Meat & Seafood
Delicious pork sausages! Perfect sauteed with onions and garlic. Or my favorite, tossed into a soup with sweet potatoes and greens. Yummy!