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April Staff Picks

Andrew H., Front End
This ancient and seasonal wonder has the thickest and lightest rind around. Once peeled, you find an easy to section sweet/tart fruit. It's fun to carve apart and eat wedge by wedge, like an orange. They also keep for longer than any citrus.
Kaily, Produce
Blooming & House Plants
My house is filled with these little dudes. Adds a cheery touch to any room. There are different varieties that require certain locations so it's easy to find one for any and every spot. Through any season it's nice having a bit of green around to say hello to.
Jamie, Admin
Dried Pineapple Rings
Oh pineapple rings! So sweet! Yet, no added cane, worthier dried fruit.
Brad, Juice Bar
Organic Black Beans
"I was determined to know beans." -Thoreau, Walden

My absolute favorite. Add vegetables and spices, cook in a crock pot and enjoy a simple, nutritious meal in a few hours.
Erin H., Grocery
Jovial Einkorn Flour
Einkorn was the first species of wheat grown by man. It has never been hybridized - a rarity these days - so it is genetically the purest wheat. This flour has worked great for me in all my usual baking recipes.
Josh R., Admin
Mean Green Hot Sauce
Back in the middle of the last decade, there was an amazing Peruvian chicken place in Uptown called Rotisseria. As good as the chicken was, the real draw was their magical green sauce. Rotisseria has since closed. Luckily, Saleh Hamshari is bottling that green sauce locally now. I'm not typically a hot sauce person, but I love this one!
Chad, Front End
So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer
It's the best non-dairy creamer I've found. It's creamy, sweet and delicious! Give it a try, you'll find its soooo delicious!
Justin, Admin
Nature's Crystal Distilled Water
I love a crisp freshly ironed shirt. My iron screams for this distilled water.
Brooke, Front End
Kave Stress Relief Tea
The Kave Stress Relief Tea does exactly what it says it does! It will take you from super stressed to perfectly chill (use 2 bags). Before you know it you'll be saying, 'wow...everything is just fine'. *-*
Aaron Nytroe, Meat & Seafood
Alden's Peaches and Cream Ice Cream
When I want a break from the chocolate ice cream routine I go Alden's Peaches and Cream.
Emily L. , Admin
Local Paneer
Make your curry awesome and delicious by using this amazing paneer! This cheese has an amazing texture and flavor! AMAZING!!
Kate, Admin
Smoked Somerset Sheep's Cheese
This local sheep cheese is DELICIOUS! It has a delicious cheddar flavor and a wonderful texture. It is not overly smokey and is great plain or on a sandwich. Yum!
Nathan C., Front End
La Panzanella Multigrain Crackers
These little guys are the perfect size snack when I need something to tide me over until break. Try them with one of our delicious cheese samples!
Mark Williams, Produce
Paris Brest
A deliciously, delectable delicacy!!!
Nathan C, Front End
Herb Neufchatel
Simple and tasty, this spread is great with crackers and veggies and always a hit at parties. Pro tip: it pairs really well with the Tandor Chef Samosas in Frozen.
Megan M., Admin
Hot Toddy #1
Why Hot Toddy #1? Because it's soothing for your throat and respiratory system. Rotten winter cold that won't go away? Hot Toddy #1. Raspy cough that won't leave town? Hot Toddy #1. Rough night? Hot Toddy #1. The answer to your woes, the balm to your soul. Also delicious and spicy.
Kim J., Health & Body Care
Worker B Honey Face Wash
Health & Body Care
Worker B is not only a LOCAL company, that raises their own bees, but their products are amazing. They are so clean, you could eat any of the ingredients listed. This honey face wash is moisturizing and healing. This little jar lasts about 3 months!
Ingrid, Health & Body Care
Worker B Rescue Putty
Health & Body Care
Wow! This raw honey-based skin putty is the BEST! I use it as a facial cream, cuticle cream and lip balm. No more dry winter cracks!
Kim J., Health & Body Care
Baraka Ceramic Neti Pot
Health & Body Care
I love using my Neti Pot from Baraka. Anytime I get the sniffles, this salt water rinse helps me clear out. Baraka is an awesome company that makes all their ceramics in the U.S.A. (California). Love it!
Adam, Admin
Garrett Valley Brisket
Meat & Seafood
I look for these every spring. They are full of flavor and never disappoint. I always get three or four every year.
Sally, Grocery
Lamb Shoppe Ground Lamb
Meat & Seafood
Ground lamb is tasty, convenient, and naturally grass-fed. Use it in a variety of recipes or make an excellent patty. I add garlic, feta or just salt and pepper and fry it in a little olive oil. Yum! Add sauteed spinach and roasted sliced sweet potatoes for a quick, complete and delicious meal. It's in the back of the meat case.
Betsy, Front End
Gerhard's Smoked Swiss Brats
Meat & Seafood
Absolutely delicious! Cheese filled goodness!

There's no need for a bun, condiments or toppings! Amazingly tasty all on their own. All you need is a place to cook the brats (grill is best), a plate, a knife, a fork and your mouth!

Nom nom nom!
Megan M., Admin
The Galette of the day is my favorite pastry. Not too sweet, filling, satisfyingly rich. The fillings are seasonal and feature ripe fruits. Get one. Regret nothing.
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    11–2 pm: SunLeaf Naturals
  • Thursday, April 17
    1–4 pm: Key Lime Bars
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