July Staff Picks

Josh Resnik, Admin
Seven Stars Farm Yogurt
Recently my go to breakfast has been a 7 and 7. No, not the cocktail! I take Seven Stars vanilla yogurt, Seven Sundays muesli, and fresh berries. It's a perfect start to the day. Seven Stars tastes like a yogurt you would expect to buy from the farm. Creamy and delicious!
B.K. , Admin
Bulk Agave Gummy Bears
Agave gummy bears rule! So sweet and a really nice texture, not too chewy! They are the best and even better when you keep them in the fridge or freezer. A perfect summer treat.
Josh Resnik, Admin
Seven Sundays Muesli
Recently my go to breakfast has been a 7 and 7. No, not the cocktail! I take Seven Stars vanilla yogurt, Seven Sundays vanilla cherry pecan muesli, and add fresh berries. If you let the muesli sit for 10 minutes in the yogurt, it becomes even tastier. I love it.
Sarah , Health & Body Care
Juniper Ridge White Sage and Wild Mint Tea
This tea is perfect for the hot, humid days of July and August. It's minty, mineral-y and perfectly cooling. Steep it overnight in the refrigerator and be refreshed!
Andrew, Front End
Steve's Burnt Sugar Vanilla Non-dairy Frozen Dessert
Normally, my vegan desserts are safe from others. That's not the case with Steve's. It's hard enough not to eat the whole thing in one sitting without competition.
Emmy , Front End
Honey Dijon Coleslaw
This coleslaw is so refreshing and a perfect side dish for Summer meals. The honey dijon adds great flavor that is really unique.
Sarah, Health & Body Care
Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone (new edition)
Health & Body Care
My favorite and most used cookbook has gotten a beautiful makeover!!! Here are a few of my favorite recipes: bulgur and green lentil salad with chickpeas; cauliflower, spinach, and potato saute; soba with hijiki and stir-fried vegetables; red lentil dal with aromatics; mujadarrah...
Julie, Health & Body Care
Herring Gold
Health & Body Care
I love this product for several reasons. Firstly, it's choline helps with processing info faster and improving memory. Secondly, natural astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, is amphipathic - meaning it's both water and lipid loving. This is essential for every cell in our body!
Julie , Health & Body Care
Alaffia 4oz. Hand and Body Creams
Health & Body Care
Luv these. Hand crafted with certified fair trade shea! This cream line is the thickest! Great for after the beach for a glowing, radiant look. Awesome, too, for skin that runs a little dry. A beautiful cream that's well made and "feeds" your skin.