March Staff Picks

Jaime, Produce
Tilly Air Plants
There just isn't a better way to say "Hello" or "Goodbye", "Thank you", I'm sorry", "I love you", or "Feel better" than with an air plant. They are the cutest gift for all occasions.
Nikki, Admin
Fage Total Yogurt with Cherry
This yogurt has a great texture, and the cherries are just sweet enough to complement the yogurt perfectly.
Matthew, Admin
Angelica's Garden Sriracha Hot Sauce
Only available at the Wedge Co-op!! Angelica is hitting us right in our hot sauce loving hearts with this delightful culture of hot peppers and garlic. All killer, no filler! Local, aged 3 months, probiotic...seriously, try this stuff.
Christopher S. , Front End
Kickapoo Coffee Ethiopia Banko
In my opinion, this is the best light roast we've carried in the last ten years. Sweet, rich, complex and almost tea-like, the way a Yirgacheffe should be!
Lori, Cheese
Somersaults (selected varieties)
The Dutch Cocoa Somersaults are great for healthy snacking, and I love to put the Salty Pepper Somersaults on my salads instead of croutons!
Andrew H. , Front End
Earth Balance Puffs
Even non-vegans can't put down these delicious poofs! I bet you can't not eat the whole bag and then lick those "Cheeto fingers" clean.
Josh R, Admin
Sweet Science Salty Caramel Ice Cream
My personal progression: Day 1 - "$9.99 for a pint! You're kidding?" Day 2 - "How good would it have to be to be worth it?" Day 3 - "Okay, I've got to try it once." Day 4 - "BEST ICE CREAM EVER!!!" They use the best local, organic ingredients. This stuff is incredible. The ice cream of dreams.
Lori, Cheese
Bellavitano Citrus and Ginger
I was a bit apprehensive to try this, as I am not a fan of citrus or ginger. I am happy to report that neither of those flavors are very prominent! It tastes more like a buttery, savory cracker!
Nathan C, Front End
Wedge Deli Boston Cream Cupcake
(to be read in Boston accent) Oh my gawd these cupcakes are so wicked good! They got this like fluffy pie filling under a real chocolate coating (not like that plastic DQ stuff). Best cupcake outside Southie, bar none. Hurry up and get one already.
Julie, Health & Body Care
Herb Pharm Nervous System Tonic
Health & Body Care
Good for: Depression, withdrawal, jittery nerves, "nervous exhaustion", and restlessness. Great for any nervous affections associated with low or exhausted nerve "force"! I love this for its blend of celery and lavender to address digestive issues as well as nerves! Skullcap and oat "milky" seed are Kings or nerve-healers. To top it off, it has St. John's Wort, which helps especially for inflamed nerves.
Julie , Health & Body Care
Jarrow D-ribose
Health & Body Care
An often overlooked supplement. D-ribose is a simple sugar molecule that is one of the key components of ATP(adenosine triphosphate). Injured or heavily used muscle is particularly vulnerable to low ATP supply and is slow to recover. Turn to D-ribose as a means to "rejuvenating." I love it! ;)
Brooke, Health & Body Care
Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein Smooth Coffee
Health & Body Care
Out of all the many protein powders we carry, this one is by far my favorite! If you're not a coffee person, try the vanilla! It really is smooth and even though it has stevia (which I hate) you really can't taste it at all!
Julie, Health & Body Care
Alaffia Coconut Hand and Body Cream
Health & Body Care
Not only does coconut oil love my skin, it smells delicious! Added to that is the lovely cocoa butter. It smooths my skin to a 20 year old consistency, seriously! I feel great too, knowing my money helps the lovely ladies in Togo! Feels awesome.
Julie, Health & Body Care
Sensuous Beauty Hemp Facial Cream
Health & Body Care
Oooh! Hemp oil is sooo creamy and dreamy. I feel it going in my skin immediately. It includes a blend of almond oil, shea butter and aloe vera which creates a cream that is very moisturizing without heaviness. Great for dry, damaged, or mature skin and for ME!
Kara, Health & Body Care
Veriditas Addiction/Withdrawal
Health & Body Care
This blend could aptly be named "Soul Tonic." Yes indeed, soul tonic. I find that when dealing with life's lemons, this blend applied to the adrenals (above kidneys) calms my body while transmuting negative and highly addictive thoughts to a more gentle persuasion. Pair with a few drops of grapefruit in your water to induce inner joy. :)
Kelli, Front End
Beeler's Pork Breakfast Sausage
Meat & Seafood
Brunch at home!? Yes! Excellent simple preparation breakfast or brunch solution! Mild and a little sweet, you can buy 5 or 25 or anywhere in between. Way better than going out!