October Staff Picks

Travis, Grocery
So Delicious Almond Creamer
So Delicious is known for their coconut products, but branching out into almonds was a good call. This creamer is not too sweet and just thick enough to cut a cup of coffee without dousing the flavor of the roast.
Jamie, Admin
Angelica's Garden Raw Sauerkraut
I'm a pregnant person and I eat forkfulls of this stuff....like every day...I think that means something...
Meg , Front End
Nocciolata Hazelnut Spread
It's just as delicious as Nutella but without all the oils and junk in it!
Chris W , Front End
NessAlla Kombucha
I love this kombucha that is made just next door in Wisconsin. It's less carbonated than other kombucha which makes for a smooth, well-balanced flavor. Blueberry is my go-to flavor but the seasonal flavors are fantastic as well!
Sally , Grocery
Velvet Bees Gourmet Honey Butter
This honey butter is so creamy and sweet. It's absolutely delicious! Try it on toast (of course) or with cheese on a cracker. Fine with fruit, and LOCAL!
Andrew H., Front End
Le Parfait Flexible Spatula
Health & Body Care
You need this. Ever had a pancake stick to a pan? Ever lost the crust off something fried? Ever get stuck scrubbing egg off a pan? Or cheese? Never again! This durable spatula is one of my faves!
Brooke, Health & Body Care
Biosil Beauty Supplement
Health & Body Care
If you must choose just one beauty supplement, for those of us who want our hair and skin and nails as long and luscious and pretty as they can be, choose Biosil, and take it consistently!
Megan M., Admin
Klean Kanteen Thermos
Health & Body Care
It's super sturdy and stands up to being tossed around in my bag. Never leaks, keeps my coffee piping hot, and is easy to clean! If you bring your thermos to the Juice Bar, you get 15 cents off your coffee! Plus, you're saving all those paper cups and plastic lids. It's a no-brainer!
Paul B, Grocery
Aura Cacia Motivating Yoga Mist
Health & Body Care
Spray it on your mat, spray it on yourself, spray it everywhere. Want a great smelling and uplifting room spray, look no further. Smells great, but not overpowering.