May Staff Picks

Lizz, Cheese
Bulk Shelled Hemp Seeds
A delicious and sustainable source of protein! Use in smoothies, stir-fries, oatmeal, or baked goods and feel great!
Megan, Admin
Mr. Fuzz's Nuclear Nectar Hot Sauce
Would you just look at this amazing label? That made me want to try it, and the hot-yet-flavorful taste sensation kept me coming back for more. An explosion of 'Nero (get it?) deliciousness. Enjoy! Made locally!
Elka , Admin
Organic Better than Bouillon Chicken Chicken Base
I wish I was the person who always has frozen stock but I am not. I use Better than Bouillon Chicken Base ALL THE TIME. It is fast and delicious. It has a good balance of flavor, spicing, and not too much salt. I use it in soups, stews, and risotto. I recommend it unconditionally.
Ron, Grocery
Late July Jalapeno Lime Tortilla Chips
These chips are a De-"lite". Crunchy, thin, and bursting with flavor. I hate to admit it but I've almost eaten an entire bag at once.; * The others SKUs (varieties) are good too!
Justin, Front End
Just Coffee Maya Super Dark
This is the coffee that turned me to a coffee snob. Mayans are rad, and so is this coffee cooperative. I've never loved a coffee before. I dare you to try it.
Christopher S. , Front End
Blackeye Roasting Co. Cold Brew Coffee
This product is your best bet if: A) You are tired B) It is Monday morning C) You need strong coffee. Brewed here in the Twin Cities. It is delicious and powerful.
Josh, Admin
Bulk Garam Masala
Health & Body Care
The whole bulk spice section is a hidden gem at the Wedge. I love to cook with spices, but costs add up if you need a teaspoon of this and that, and have to buy a large container. Not buying bulk! Just get what you need...and it's fresher. Garam Masala is my favorite - makes Indian food magical.
Kim C. , Health & Body Care
Herbs Etc. Allergy ReLeaf System
Health & Body Care
This product saves me every Spring! A beautiful blend of herbs and vitamins that supports a healthy allergen response so we don't have to sneeze and have watery eyes and challenged lungs.
Kara, Health & Body Care
J.R. Liggett's Shampoo Bar
Health & Body Care
Whoa, Nelly! Shiny, lustrous, boisterous, static/tangle-free, Happy Happy hair. This bar is pure bliss not only for your head, but also one's wallet and the Earth! I used this recently after 7 years of skeptically peering at it on our shelves, and, well, I'm a changed person. :)
Kara, Health & Body Care
Mineral Fusion SPF 30 Brush-on Sun Defense
Health & Body Care
Meet your face and neck's new best friend! Did you know SPF needs to be applied every 1.5/2 hours to retain it's protection rate? This brush is flawless, easy, fun, 100% mineral, non-greasy goodness. Perfect for travel, purses, messenger bags, and pockets. I've tried everything, this brush-on wins!
Megan, Admin
Grass Run Farms Jalapeno Snack Stick
Meat & Seafood
Sometimes, despite working in an amazing grocery store full of food, I don't know what to eat for lunch. On those days, I grab one of these! Similar to the Slim Jims of my childhood (without the nitrates, grease, or stomachaches...) these will fill you up and satisfy your belly.
Adam, Admin
Wedge Bakehouse Cardamom Coffee Cake
Cardamom gives the coffee cake a unique and delicious flavor. Definitely one of my favorites! Made in house by our wonderful bakehouse staff!