October Staff Picks

Sarah, Health & Body Care
Driftless Bagged Carrots
Yummmmm...sweet, local, crunchy, bright orange carrots. This is the best big bag of carrots I've ever bought. (you will actually want to eat a vegetable!)
Katharine, Grocery
Bulk Seaweed
Yes! Look!!! I exist over here in the corner. Delicious and full of trace minerals. I love throwing it in carrot salads with herbs and a maple balsamic vinaigrette. Yum yum yum yum yum yum!
Katharine, Grocery
Hoch Frontenac Red Wine Vinegar
Uber uber local product! Those awesome people that bring you those organic apples in produce have a vinegar made with U of Minnesota derived grapes. Two local stickers please! :) Try in salad dressings with a local oil or throw it in a tomato sauce and kick it up a notch!
Marz, Front End
Sunspire Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar
I'm not much of a candy bar person, but the simple combination of dark chocolate and coconut is irresistible. The texture is the perfect amount of chewy, too.
Nick, Grocery
Pirate Brands Tings
I can't quite put into words why I love Pirate Brands Tings. Perhaps it is the addictive crunch...or the subtle cheesey flavor provided by the nutritional yeast...One thing is for certain...Tings make a great snack for kids and adults alike!
Nathan C, Front End
Tiny But Mighty Popcorn
The thin hull of this heirloom popcorn from Iowa makes it easier to digest and keeps it from sticking in your teeth. Although I'm not a popcorn scientist, I find the smaller size kernels provide more surface area for butter, which is awesome.
Katrina, Front End
Shimmy Pops
I love these ice pops! My first one was grapefruit tarragon. It was great :) My favorite one so far is roasted plum with ginger. You can also get these treats at various farmers markets. We are their first store! They have made 138 flavors! Please try them. As the current flavors sell out, new ones will come in. I can't wait!
Erik , Admin
Steve's Ice Cream (all varieties)
It's amazing. The coconut cream and pea protein base is indistinguishable from a dairy base and the flavors are incredible. We've had the "Vanilla with Burnt Sugar" (A+), "Cold Pressed Coffee with Cinnamon" (A+), and I'm excited for "Scotch Chocolate"!
Kara, Health & Body Care
Oregon's Wild Harvest Stress Guard
Health & Body Care
This amazing heavy hitter is like having Mike Tyson in your corner to combat negative effects of stress! A true herbal powerhouse which also contains food based b-vites. Gentle on the stomach, very effective, a quality product from a family business.
Brooke, Health & Body Care
Dandelion Dynamo Oil
Health & Body Care
If you are stressed out, slept kinda funky, or are looking for the perfect oil for a heavenly massage - this is the answer! Rub some into the back of your neck! (It's awesome)
Sarah, Health & Body Care
Zester/Grater Microplane
Health & Body Care
I just bought one of these last month, and it has changed my life. I don't know what I was doing without one for so long. Parmesan cheese, lemon zest, nutmeg, garlic...easy grating and easy cleaning!!!
Emily L, Admin
Wedge Bakehouse PIzza Dough
Want a quick and delicious dinner? The Bakehouse pizza dough bakes up to a beautiful crispy outside, soft inside crust. Use whatever you have laying around to make a speedy and satisfying dinner!