July Staff Picks

Callie, Produce
Tomato King Fresh Salsa
T.K. Fresh Salsa is absolutely wonderful! Freshly made in Albany, MN by the King himself, using his beloved heirloom tomatoes. "Minnesota Spicy" and full of flavor, both varieties are perfect for dipping or used in wraps or on nachos. If you haven't tried this salsa, you are missing out!
Kaily, Produce
Bubbie's Bread and Butter Pickle Chips
These are so good! Adds a perfectly sweet crunch to any burger or sammy. Also awesome alone as a quick snack. Best pickles ever.
Nick, Grocery
Chip Magnet Top Dog Relish
Hand crafted in lovely Eau Claire, WI, 'Top Dog' Relish will knock your socks off. A magnificent matching of peppers, onions and cucumbers give this relish the perfect blend of heat and sweet as well as a wonderful texture. Top Dog indeed.
Carianne and Elliot, Front End
Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies
"Home Baked Goodness" indeed!! We're gonna level with you, these cookies are delicious. No funky aftertaste, always enough chocolate chips, soft not too sweet, exactly what you want everytime! Buy some today!
Betsy, Front End
Enjoy Life Sugar Cookie
Gluten and dairy free. Nice and crispy. Delicious on their own or dipped in yogurt!
Carl, Cheese
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate
Divine Dark Chocolate is my go-to affordable dark chocolate. Bursting with antioxidants, it's delicious with a cuppa green tea. It won't make you live forever but it may make you want to. Chocolate and cheese forever!
Annette, Admin
Antigone's Greek Feta Dip
It's salty, herby, piquant and smooth. For a lovely local lunch, grab this dip, some local radishes and grape tomatoes from produce and a Bakehouse roll of your choice. Oopa!
Nikki, Admin
Savory Scones
Savory Scones are my Sunday treat! They're delicious and flaky like the sweet scones, but even better because they are topped with cheese and filled with vegetables. Snap up he apple and blue cheese variety if you see it!
David, Grocery
Peanut Butter Cup Shake
I have always loved chocolate and peanut butter. This shake is the perfect combo of the two. It is not too sweet and it is just the right size to be the perfect snack. (I get the 16oz size.)
Kara, Health & Body Care
Eclectic Institute Lemon Greens
Health & Body Care
Wow! Such a PAINLESS way to take your greens!! Meyer lemon rounds off potent nutrient-dense greens, making this formula a perfect addition to augment any eating style, healthy or otherwise. This lemon greenie goodness will de-mummify!
Leah, Health & Body Care
Immuno-viva Ease
Health & Body Care
Are you looking for something that is time tested to help with joint aches and pains? The main ingredient - black cumin seed - has been used for thousands of years by many different cultures for its amazing ability to nourish the body, calm pain and reduce inflammation. Amazing!
Leah, Health & Body Care
Immuno-viva Core Liquid and Capsules
Health & Body Care
Why I love it? Because it's "The cure for everything but death!" The main ingredient - black cumin seed - is chock full of CLA, a nutrient that helps: digestive ailments, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, inflammation issues, allergic reactions, weight loss, increases milk production, skin health, tumor reduction and MORE!
Kim, Health & Body Care
Alaffia African Black Soap
Health & Body Care
This product does it all! It is free of synthetic ingredients and you can use it for shaving, shampoo, facial cleanser and of course as a hand and body wash. Alaffia's mission is amazing - ask any of us in HBC and we will tell you all about them!
Katherine, Grocery
Diva Cup
Health & Body Care
Serious women! Try this, no tampons, no pads. That's enough right there. Google, do some research on it. It works and it will make that special time of the month...special! Try it! Try it! Try it!
Sarah, Health & Body Care
Party In My Pants Pads
Health & Body Care
I looooove my Party In My Pants Pads. If you'll believe me I look forward to using mine each month. They're so cute and so economical! My favorite are the flannel small and medium pads.
Kara, Health & Body Care
Moon Cup
Health & Body Care
Such a great alternative to tampons! Perhaps you've already transitioned to organic cotton/unbleached feminine care - take it to the next level! Care for the body and the earth. These silicone cups are easy, comfortable and UBER COST EFFECTIVE!! (Think of all the massages you can get with that money!)
Sally, Grocery
HC Garlic Slicer/Press
Health & Body Care
This sturdy and easy to clean gadget prepares mass quantities of garlic in a snap! My favorite use is to dress up frozen pizza with lots of garlic slices. Yum. (Hand wash only, please.)
Raymond, Front End
Kadejan Farms Chicken Hearts
Meat & Seafood
Nature's chicken nugget! These hearts are great with a skewer and a spicy rub. Then throw them on the grill. A great snack while waiting for burgers to finish.
Autumn, Cheese
Garret Valley Turkey Bacon
Meat & Seafood
I adore breakfast meats. Sausage, bacon, ham, corned beef, you name it! But Garrett Valley Turkey Bacon is perfect and delicious! It's become a favorite of mine. Try it by itself or on a breakfast sandwich. A delightful, healthy and lean morning option!