September Staff Picks

Jamie, Produce
Gardens of Eagan Sweet Corn
This corn is so awesome! I have been eating it raw. That's how good it is. Don't believe me? Try it and be amazed!
Emily L., Admin
Gardens of Eagan Sweet Corn
Tastes like summer! Sweet, crunchy, and absolutely perfect when slathered in butter! And, alas, it ends all too soon.
Nate O., Admin
Gardens of Eagan Broccoli
I have watched our farmers building up this soil for three years, and the this summer watched our folks training new farmers on how to harvest it by hand. Local, even the stalks are delicious and we all own the place.
Erin H., Grocery
White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt
A refreshingly tart yogurt! With no stabilizers added, this is yogurt in its purest form. It's made using just organic milk and lots of live cultures, including Bulgaricus, a bacteria named in honor of the yogurt-loving indigenous Bulgarians. If you like Nancy's yogurt, you'll love this!
Emmy, Front End
Good Karma Flax Milk
This is my favorite non-dairy beverage out there!! Every flavor is creamy and equally delicious. I love it in my cereal, oatmeal and as a base for smoothies. It's now the milk of choice in my dairy-drinking home!
Mary, Grocery
Wave Auto Dishwasher Gel
Like all Earth Friendly products it is plant based and free of nasty chemicals. Plus, Wave works! Sparkling glassware, no yucky residue and no need to add a separate rinse agent. Great stuff!
Marz, Front End
Donkey Authentic Tortilla Chips
If you're looking for an excellent, restaurant-style tortilla chip, this is it! Perfectly crispy with a hint of lime, these are a step above and only a few ingredients.
Aaron C., Admin
Matt's Fig Bars
Looking for a snack in Aisle 4? Look no further! These fig bars are delicious and affordable. Weighing in at 1 and 3/4 pounds, this snack is a whopping value. Enjoy! :)
Carl, Cheese
SarVecchio Parmesan
Master cheesemaker Carry Steckbauer of Sartori Foods, Antigo, Wisconsin does a bang up job with this 20 month aged parmesan. Sweet and nutty, rich in flavor and ending on a mild and creamy note. Stands up to the Euro imports. Would be great in your next batch of pesto.
Genevieve, Front End
Veriditas Essential Oil Pain Relief
Health & Body Care
Ona from Health and Body Care recommended this for a muscle strain and it worked wonderfully! Think icy-hot but with lovely fragrance. Helpful for both chronic achey pains and temporary muscle soreness. You can feel the deep warming almost immediately!
Dana, Front End
Boiron Arnicare Gel
Health & Body Care
Ali in HBC helped me pick this Arnicare Gel when I asked about muscle and joint pain, for ongoing conditions. The first time I tried it, it was amazing. Slept like a baby, no pain. The days are comfortable and smiley! The best part - no drug side effects or negative reactions. Try it!
Brooke, Health & Body Care
Yerba Mate Latte
Health & Body Care
There are few things I love more than the Yerba Mate Latte. Probably because it's a blissful combination of all my favorite tastes and smells. Chocolatey, vanilla-y and (almost) as good as a cup of coffee.
Callie, Produce
Jason Tea Tree Deodorant Sticks
Health & Body Care
I hate being sweaty and stinky at work, but I don't want the scary chemicals from commercial brands. That's why I'm in love with the Jason deodorant. Long lasting, even after a day of heavy lifting here in the produce department. Hands down the best natural deodorant, and I've tried them all!