There are currently 18 items are on sale for all customers in the Bulk department.

* Member only special
(O) Organic, (GF) Gluten Free, (L) Local

  Red Lentils (O) $2.69/lb $2.19/lb
  Quinoa, Red (O) $6.29/lb $5.39/lb
  Quinoa, White (O) $6.49/lb $5.99/lb
  Steelcut Oats (O) $1.39/lb $1.19/lb
Equal ExchangeSizeRegularSale
  Love Buzz Coffee (O) $11.89/lb $8.99/lb
Grandy OatsSizeRegularSale
  High Antioxidant Trail Mix (O) $12.79/lb $9.99/lb
Just CoffeeSizeRegularSale
  Colombian Fondo Paez Coffee (O) (L) $12.69/lb $10.99/lb
Kickapoo CoffeeSizeRegularSale
  Driftless Dark Coffee (O) (L) $12.29/lb $9.99/lb
Peace CoffeeSizeRegularSale
  Birchwood Blend Coffee (O) (L) $12.49/lb $10.49/lb
  Decaf Dark Roast Coffee (O) (L) $13.99/lb $11.99/lb
  Espresso Blend Coffee (O) (L) $12.49/lb $10.49/lb
  French Roast Coffee (O) (L) $12.49/lb $10.49/lb
  Guatemalan Dark Roast Coffee (O) (L) $12.49/lb $10.49/lb
  Guatemalan Light Roast Coffee (O) (L) $12.49/lb $10.49/lb
  Snowshoe Brew Coffee (O) (L) $12.49/lb $10.49/lb
  Sumatran Italian Roast Coffee (O) (L) $12.49/lb $10.49/lb
  Twin Cities Blend Coffee (O) (L) $12.49/lb $10.49/lb
  Brown Rice Pasta Spirals (O) $4.49/lb $3.99/lb

Please call the store to verify that supplies are in stock at the prices listed. We'd hate for you to make a special trip only to be disappointed.