Gardens of Eagan

In 2007, the Wedge began farming at Gardens of Eagan (GOE) and also started the Organic Field School to educate and support the next generation of local, organic farmers. In 2012, the Wedge bought new land and greenhouses to expand our farming operation and offer even more organic produce direct from our farm to our store.

When the Wedge bought GOE, it was with a vision of creating the next generation of farmers to feed the needs of the Twin Cities. “In many ways I think we realized that; a lot of people learned a lot of skills here, and this was a catalyst for some of them to go off and start their own farms. And while I think our work wasn’t quite done, it makes me feel good that, in the time we owned GOE, we took this land and transitioned it to organic and saved it for farmland forever.” Linda Halley, Farm Manager

Gardens of Eagan Accomplishments

  • Sold over 2 million pounds of certified organic produce within the metro area.
  • Grew nearly 1 million certified organic plants for local home gardeners.
  • Created more resilient communities by providing thousands of pounds of donated organic produce to area food pantries.
  • Protected 116 acres of farmland, transitioning it to certified organic land.
  • Supported 4 new, successful farm businesses through the farm incubator program.

The Wedge decided to sell Gardens of Eagan (GOE) farm in 2015 and since that time we have been leasing the land to organic farmers. We closed on the sale of eleven acres of the farm, including the buildings and greenhouses, last fall. The new owners of that acreage are Jacob and Andrew Helling of Twin Organics. Twin Organics supplies restaurants in the Twin Cities and surrounding area with high quality, organic produce. The remaining land will continue to be leased to organic farmers until it is sold. Through Dakota County and the Farmland and Natural Areas Protection Program, 116 acres of GOE will forever remain farmland and free of development, regardless of who purchases it from the Wedge. Closing Gardens of Eagan has allowed us to expand our reach to more local farms. The Wedge and Co-op Partners Warehouse are now purchasing 25%–30% more produce from larger local organic farms like Featherstone and Driftless Organics. We’ve also begun to source more from smaller farms such as Seed to Seed Farm and Sin Fronteras. Continue to look for updates in our newsletter as the sale of GOE progresses.