The Wedge started in a backyard meeting just a few blocks from the current location of our Lyndale store. In 1974, a small group of community members decided it was time to have access to affordable, organic, whole foods without having to drive or take a bus for miles out of the Whittier neighborhood. And from the day we opened our doors in the tiny space of a garden apartment at 715 Franklin Ave, the Wedge Co-op community has been growing (and outgrowing) our spaces. Back then, buckets of fresh produce spilled out onto the sidewalks to make room for the lines in the small storefront. Since then, we’ve moved two times and expanded three, started an organic distribution business, and built a café and community gathering space.

But through all the years and all the changes one thing has remained a constant: our commitment to the long-term health of our local community. Through partnerships and grants we’ve built community gardens, supported farmer’s markets, gotten local produce into public schools and supported to food justice organizations in the Twin Cities. The Wedge is more than just a cooperative business, we’re a family.

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