Local Vendors

We all want to eat healthy, wholesome food that is grown and harvested with care. But there’s nothing easy about food production and at the Wedge we believe that farmers should be fairly compensated for the hard work they do as responsible stewards of the land. That’s why we’ve worked to build a local food system over the last four decades that can support and nurture small farmers who value sustainable practices. Buying local returns more of every dollar to these growers and producers. And local food also doesn’t have to travel as far, so it stays fresh, tastes delicious and has a smaller impact on our environment.

That’s the big picture. But local food is something we also take very personally. You have to, as a co-op, when your business depends on the trusts and relationships you build rather than the bottom line. We’re honored to be a part of the many farms we’ve watched grow right alongside us these last four decades, and grateful for the chance to support them through thick times and thin, through fires and floods and everything in between.

And so it’s with extreme pride that we say those carrots in the produce aisle, they’re not just carrots, they’re Jack Hedin’s carrots from Featherstone Farm in Rushford, Minn. And that block of snowy-white Hope Creamery butter, that’s not any butter, that’s Gene Kruckenberg’s, which he hand-packs himself, and has since 1965. For as long as the Wedge has been the Wedge, we’ve made it possible for people like Jack and Gene to reach customers who appreciate the quality and care of the food they make. And they’ve made it possible for Wedge customers to experience food unlike anything you can buy in any old grocery store.

That’s what local means to us. It’s not a trending hashtag or a passing fad, it’s simply the only way we know how to do business. And the way we always have.