7 Questions

This February will mark Nate Oerter’s
20th year with the Wedge, and so it’s a fitting time
for him to make history by becoming the new Wedge
Table’s first Market Manager. We went and visited
the construction site on Nicollet to talk about this
exciting next step for both the Wedge and Nate.

It’s cold out here, are you sure you don’t
want your jacket?

I worked in the freezer for 16 years. It’s ten
degrees below freezing in there. This is

You’re kind of an institution at the Wedge,
will it be weird to start over somewhere new?

Not really. I kind of needed to get into a new
set of walls for my next 20 years here. This
place has a new atmosphere, but it will still be
the same great food and great service. And
since people recognize me I’ll give the Table a
sense of continuity with the Wedge.

When you first started working at the Wedge
did you think you’d be here for two decades?

Not at all. On the day I was hired I told the
manager I could guarantee him one year. I
was kind of a gypsy. I didn’t expect to fall in
love with a beautiful woman here and make
Minneapolis my home.

What was your first job at the Wedge?

I actually got hired twice for two part-time
positions. One was a front end coordinator and
the other was the frozen grocery buyer. I took
both of them.

Was that unusual at the time?

Very. I was an anomaly right from the start.

That flexibility should fit in well at the
Table since you’ll be supervising so many
moving parts.

Definitely. I’m going to have to learn four more
jobs. I’ve never made juice. Or a cappuccino.
But I’m excited to learn and to be the
steadying, calming force that makes sure we’re
a smooth operation and that we’re providing
what folks expect.

What do you think will be the best part of
your new job?

Getting to watch people enjoy the food we
make. At the Lyndale store people disappear
to their cars to eat, but here they’ll get to sit
and actually have a meal. And I’m excited to be
a part of this neighborhood. Even though it’s
just eight blocks away it feels like a completely
different part of the city.