Celebrate A Local Thanksgiving

We source our Thanksgiving turkey from local farms we love. Preorder your high-quality, local turkey through our Meat & Seafood departments at both the Wedge and Linden Hills locations.


Kadejan’s fresh, free-range turkeys (8-24 lb. – Linden Hills) (10-24 lb. Wedge)

Ferndale Market’s fresh turkeys (10-24 lb. – Linden Hills) (10-16 lb. Wedge)

Local family farms Kadejan in Glenwood, MN and Ferndale Market in Cannon Falls, MN produce high-quality poultry. The turkeys are fed whole grains and are free-range, with access to the outdoors all year. Both operations are family-owned and work with a limited number of small family farms to raise these birds. 

Larry Schultz’s certified-organic turkeys (8-24 lb. – Linden Hills) (10-20 lb. Wedge, frozen only)

This Owatonna, MN family operation brings us local, certified-organic turkeys from a farm that has always been managed organically. This farm brings not only turkeys, but also chickens and eggs to the co-op. The birds live a natural life in free-ranging, small flocks and eat only certified-organic feed. 

All poultry and meat sold at The Wedge and Linden Hills Co-op are raised free of antibiotics and hormones. 


We can help with everything like savory mashed potatoes, fresh cranberry relish, made-from-scratch stuffing and delicious pies! We’ll have sides and pies ready to grab and go the week of Thanksgiving, or you can order ahead to ensure we’ll have exactly what you need

Place your order online at www.wedge.coop/catering or at Customer Service.

Arrange a pickup day and time.

We will package your food and set it aside so you can pick it up when you are ready.

Heat, eat and enjoy.

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