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by Colin Cody, Wedge Menu Master

Moroccan Mushroom Bowl & Moroccan Burrito

We’ve been pretty obsessed with the Mediterranean here in the Wedge kitchen for some months now. There’s evidence of it all over, from our harissa lemon couscous in our grab-and-go case to the shakshuka, lemon chicken tagine, and zucchini ala scapece in the hot bar. We’ve started preserving our own organic Meyer lemons, which now colorfully line our shelves in the back of our chicken; mixing our own za’atar and ras el hanout spice blends; and charring organic jalapenos over an open flame to blend our own harissa. The Moroccan Mushroom Bowl and Moroccan Burrito are extensions of this obsession. We had the blind luck of working with Mississippi Mushrooms during the Eat Local Farm Tour. They’re cultivating king oyster mushrooms (among others), a species native to the arid regions of the Mediterranean, right here in Minneapolis. They’re also doing it in an incredibly sustainable and really cool way, using spent brewer’s grain from Dangerous Man and sawdust separated by tree type from Wood from the Hood. And once the mushrooms are all done, all they’re left with is incredibly rich compost. We get to show off some of a bunch of these new recipes in one neat little package, with preserved lemon and za’atar roasted king oyster mushrooms and ras el hanout squash.

Harvest Bowls, Apple Cider Sausages & Harvest Grilled Cheese

But enough about mushrooms, our other new items were crafted with a distinctly more Minnesotan theme. The apple cider sausage is a new sausage made in our Meat department using locally brewed hard cider from Keepsake. It’s a cozy combination of hearty grilled pork and tart, crispy apple relish. The harvest bowl explores the other side of that same relish, so instead of cutting through the savory earthiness of a sausage, it brightens up a bowl of greens and farro. Together with some puffed wild rice and roasted squash, it makes for a really fun combination of textures and flavors that bring out the best in each other. In my opinion, though, this salad is only truly complete with the addition of grilled tofu. The harvest grilled cheese is what I find myself craving on those afternoons when I come in stomping the snow off my shoes and waiting for feeling to return my cheeks. Swiss, cheddar, apples, and kale with a side of soup to dip it in is, to me, the reason I cherish winter. For all the shoveling, scraping, numbing, and pipe freezing we have to deal with, getting a nice cup of soup and a cheesy, crispy sandwich and telling yourself, “I deserve this” makes it a privilege to endure our harsh winter months.

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