High Quality + Low Price Everyday of Wedge Basics

We continue to update and add to our Wedge and Linden Hills Basics offerings! Look for the Wedge or Linden Hills Basics tags throughout our stores to find the co-op’s most-affordable foods and wellness products. There are extra-low prices on over 60 healthful products that everyone should have access to, even on a budget. View the PDF

available at the Wedge Lyndale (2105 Lyndale Ave S,  Minneapolis, MN 55405)


Rolled Oats
Heartland Mills White Flour
Bulk Peanut Butter (Grinder)
Organic Black Beans
Organic Green Lentils
Organic Garbanzo Beans
Organic Split Peas
Organic Thompson Raisins
Organic Penne Pasta
Lundberg Organic Short-Grain Brown Rice
Equal Exchange Coffee, Cafe Peru & Midnight Sun


Brown Cow Yogurt, All Varieties (6oz and 32oz)
Organic Valley Milk, All Varieties
Silk Soy Milk (64oz)
Silk Cashew Milk (64oz)
Schroeder Orange Juice (64oz)
Schroeder Butter
La Perla Corn Tortillas (36ct)
House Tofu, Organic & Conventional
Greek Gods Greek Yogurt


Silver Hills Bakery Bread
Wedge Whole Wheat Bread
Rudi’s Organic Bakery Organic Bread


Clif Bars
Luna Bars
Organic Muir Glen Tomatoes (14.5oz & 28oz)
Blue Diamond Almond Milk (32 & 64oz)
Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food
Seventh Generation Diapers
Field Day Products, All Varieties


Applegate Chicken Nuggets
Wyman’s Blueberries (15oz)
Cascadian Farms Berries (10oz)
Sno Pac Vegetables (10–80oz)
Omena Organics Tart Cherries (16oz)


Everyday Shea Body Wash (32oz)
Everyday Shea Shampoo (32oz)
Everyday Shea Conditioner (32oz)
EO Every Kid Soap (32oz)
Sappo Hill Bar Soap (3.5oz)
Tom’s of Maine Deodorant & Toothpaste


Kadejan Whole Chicken
Beeler’s Pork Sirloin Chops
Beeler’s Sliced Ham
Country Natural Beef Co-op Chuck Roast


Ellsworth Valley Monterey Jack
Swiss Valley Cream Cheese
Pasture Pride Sharp Cheddar
Brunkow Colby Jack
Wisconsin Farms American Singles

available at the Linden Hills Co-op (3815 Sunnyside Ave,  Minneapolis, MN 55410)

Field Day Organic canned vegetables
Field Day Organic macaroni and cheese
Field Day Organic canned beans
Field Day Organic pastas
Field Day Organic brown rice pastas
Field Day Organic pasta sauces
Field Day Organic pizza sauce
Field Day Organic canned olives
Field Day Organic salad dressings
Field Day Organic Modena balsamic vinegar
Field Day Organic apple cider vinegar
Field Day Organic extra virgin olive oil
Field Day Organic canola oil
Field Day Organic coconut oil
Field Day Organic cooking oil sprays
Field Day Organic coconut milk
Field Day Organic broths
Field Day Organic salsas
Field Day Organic apple juice
Field Day Organic fruit cups
Field Day Organic apple sauce
Field Day Organic fruit spreads
Field Day Organic peanut butters
Field Day Organic maple syrup
Field Day Organic honey
Field Day Organic cereals
Field Day Organic cookies
Field Day Organic crackers
Field Day Organic microwave popcorn
Clif energy bars
Luna nutrition bars

Thousand Hills Cattle Co. 80/20 ground beef 16 oz
Applegate Farms chicken nuggets 16 oz
Applegate Farms chicken nuggets GF 16 oz
Applegate Farms chicken strips 8 oz

Cascadian Farms frozen fruit family size

Organic Valley Milk skim, 1%, 2%, whole
Florida’s Natural orange juice
Greek Gods Yogurt greek yogurt
Westsoy Soy Milk (32 oz.)
Westsoy Unsweetened Almond Milk (32 oz.)
Phil’s eggs
Brown Cow yogurt (6 oz.)
Wildwood tofu (14 oz.)
Ruminao cheese slices

Equal Exchange select organic, fairtrade coffee beans

Silver Hills Bakery organic sprouted bread
Rudi’s Bakery organic bread

Earth’s Best Organic first fruit & veggies
Earth’s Best Organic fruit & veggies
Earth’s Best Organic fruit & veggie pouches
Earth’s Best Organic yogurt smoothies
Seventh Generation diapers
Field Day baby wipes

Field Day recycled paper products: paper towels, facial tissue, bath tissue, 2 ply bath tissue ,1000 sheet bath tissue, napkins
Field Day cleaners: dish soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher powder, dishwasher pods, all-purpose cleaner, tall trash bags

Tom’s of Maine toothpaste botanically bright, toothpaste propolis myrrh
Tom’s of Maine deodorant lemongrass
Everyday Shea body wash
Everyday Shea body lotion
Everyday Shea shampoo & conditioner
Everyday Coconut hydrating body wash
Everyday Coconut hydrating body lotion
Everyday Coconut hydrating shampoo & conditioner
Sappo Hill soap (3.5 oz.)