New And Now

Whether you wear it as a badge of pride on the sleeve of your down jacket,
or spend all year dreading its icy clutches, the Minnesota winter is polarizing,
even when it’s not polar vortexing. Some embrace every opportunity to ski,
skate, and snowshoe their way to frozen eyelashes, and others seize a cozy
sofa spot from December until March. But whether you’re coming in from
the cold or just up off the couch, all journeys seem to end in one place: the
kitchen. Warming soups, roasted vegetables, slow-braised meats; what
winter lacks in freshness it makes up for in the comforts of the hearth. This
issue, we celebrate all the contentment that cooking can bring, even while
outside the season gnashes its terrible teeth and bats its frozen paws.


955 ballots were cast for board of directors’ candidates.
There were two open positions.

  • Sara Gurwitch – 442
  • Jack Stanton – 368
  • Tom Pierson – 365
  • Katherine Anderson – 334
  • Mary Jo Rasmussen – 241

Sara Gurwitch and Jack Stanton will serve three-year
terms. The board would like to thank all candidates
for their participation in the process and their
willingness to serve the Wedge.


  • Monday, January 12
  • Monday, February 16
  • Monday, March 23

Owners are welcome to attend board meetings.
Meeting dates, times and location are subject to
change. Please call 612.465.8857 at least one day in
advance of the meeting to confirm.


“Simply, thank you Wedge Co-op for being an integral
part of our lives as we navigate our ways to wellness
within ourselves, our community and the planet. I am
both grateful and proud to be a Wedge member-owner.”

– Deborah M.

“It was great. It was delicious. And fabulous organization.
Great staff. I also like that the Wedge is opening an
outpost. Great creative thinking. Thanks!”

– Anonymous

“I have such pride to be a member of the Wedge-
what a tremendous success story that never could
have happened without so many dedicated visionaries.
Minnesota is a unique place where a lot of firsts happen,
the Wedge being the largest and best-run co-op is part
of that Minnesota spirit. Thank you for 40 wonderful
years and I look forward to watching 40 more.”

– Victoria T.


The Nicollet project continues to progress nicely, and
we were fortunate enough to have the fall weather
accommodate all the outdoor work that had to be done,
such as pouring the patio, installing bike racks (for which
we got a grant from the city of Minneapolis) completing
roof work, painting the exterior, and installing signs.

Inside, the building has been completely transformed
so that you can now actually envision the different areas
that make up the market and café at the Wedge Table.
Openings have been prepped between the Community
Room and Classroom for large garage doors that can
open up and create a wonderful continuous, open space
or be closed as needed. And in late November, the backof-
house equipment for the commissary kitchen and
bakehouse was delivered and installed. Now we’re hard
at work tiling accent areas around the café, painting walls
and ceilings, preparing the floor and pulling together all
the other million details that have to happen before our
slated opening in late January.

This is almost one year exactly to the date we closed on
the purchase of the building. It’s truly rewarding to see
it all come together, and we are so very excited to open
the Wedge Table and begin this next phase of our co-op
together with you, our loyal owners and supporters.


The WedgeShare Committee met in late October
to allocate $50,000 in WedgeShare grants to the
organizations on the slate, based on the votes cast for
each organization during the 2014 election period.
Those recipients and amounts are as follows:

  • Water Legacy, $10,000
  • Midtown Farmers Market, $7,000
  • Minnesota Project, $8,000
  • Lyndale Neighborhood Association, $6,500
  • Organic Processing Institute, $6,200
  • The Aliveness Project, $5,100
  • Compatible Technology Institute, $4,700
  • Mixed Precipitation, $2,500
  • TOTAL, $50,000