Phase 1 Remodel

“First and foremost, I want
to express my enthusiasm for
being back at The Wedge
during this exciting remodel
of our Lyndale store. After one
year away, it is so thrilling for
me to return to our store in
the role of Grocery Manager.
The remodel progresses more
each day, and the well-planned
changes are starting to take
form. Our awesome staff in
the Grocery department have
handled all the challenges a
major remodel presents with
confidence and poise. We are
dedicated to providing you
the best possible shopping
experience throughout this
entire process and feel lucky
to share these exciting times
with such passionate and
knowledgeable owners and
customers. Stop in and watch
the transformation happen!”

Mike Otto,
Grocery Manager

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! We’re all
excited to get new digs in the Front
End and have the Customer Service
desk moved up front and center in
the middle of the action. I can’t wait
for the much-needed updates.”

Matthew Carlson,
Front End Manager

“It was amazing to see our crew
of employees come together
to accomplish a ton of work on
Monday night to Tuesday morning.
It reminded me of an old-fashioned
barn raising-people worked hard,
cheerfully and with purpose. I
have been so impressed with the
response by all of our employees
and owners to the remodel. People
seem willing to put up with some
temporary hassle to create a
much-improved store. There is also
excitement every day coming to
work or shopping in the store to
see what’s new.”

Josh Resnik,

Phase 1

(February – March)

Retail Floor

  • Customer Service desk will be removed
    and a mobile Customer Service desk will
    be placed at the front of the store.
  • Produce root rack and two south Produce
    cases will be removed.
  • Bulk foods in aisle 2 will be moved
    temporarily to where the south Produce
    cases were.
  • Grocery aisles with new product selections
    will be moved (at night) to remove tile
    underneath and repositioned in a north/
    south orientation. At night, new aisles will
    be installed one by one.
  • New register lanes will be installed.

Back of house

  • Former bakehouse will be converted to a
    new Deli kitchen and the old kitchen will
    be converted into office space.
  • Additional bathroom will be added for staff.
  • Compressor room will be expanded and
    equipment updated.
  • The center staircase will be removed,
    which will expand the back stock area.
  • New receiving doors will be installed on
    south and north sides.
  • An employee south entrance will be created.

Phase 2

(April – May)

Retail Floor

  • New public restrooms will be installed on
    the east side of the store.
  • Frozen, Dairy and Refrigerated Grocery
    departments will moved to the east side
    of the store with new coolers.
  • Health & Body Care department will move
    to run parallel to new Grocery aisles.
  • Bulk will move to its permanent location
    on the east side of the store.
  • Deli Counter will be temporarily closed
    during this phase of the remodel, but
    there will be grab-n-go items available.

Back of house

  • A new Produce walk-in-cooler will be

Phase 3

(June – July)

Retail Floor

  • Meat and Seafood counter will be
    temporarily closed during this phase
    of the remodel to replace the coolers
    and cutting room. There will be self-serve meat options available.
  • Cheese department will move to the
    west side of the store with a new
    service counter.
  • A second exterior entrance will
    be added on the south side of the building, off 22nd Street.
    The entrance will open up to
    the expanded Prepared Foods
    department as well as a new Coffee
    and Juice Bar.
  • Upon completion of this phase, there
    will be sliced deli meats, rotisserie
    chicken, hot-foods bar, salad bar and
    32-foot grab-n-go section.

Phase 4

(August – September)

Retail Floor

  • The Produce department will expand,
    and new coolers will be installed.

Phase 5


Retail Floor

  • A new customer seating area will
    be located at the front of the store
    facing Lyndale Avenue.
  • A permanent Customer Service desk
    will be installed at the front of
    the store.
  • A new main entrance off the north
    parking lot will be completed.