Thanksgiving Turkey Orders

We will begin taking turkey orders on Monday, Oct. 28

Again this year, we can take orders for whole turkeys online at

If you prefer to order at the Meat & Seafood counter, the Customer Service counter or by phone, feel free to just say “turkey order, please!” and we will get you to the right person as fast as we can.

Turkey Options:

Frozen, certified-organic turkeys from Larry Schultz Farms of Minnesota

Fresh, free-range turkeys from Kadejan Farms of Minnesota

Fresh, free-range turkeys from Ferndale of Cannon Falls, Minn. (limited size options and no online orders)

We will thaw frozen turkeys for your convenience.

The last day for placing orders is Thursday, Nov. 21. There will be a variety of whole turkeys and turkey parts available in the cases throughout the Thanksgiving season.