We Need Your Input

The “At the Wedge” newsletter has been a staple of co-op membership since September 1975. It has had many names and looks over the years, from the imaginative Zucchini Express in the ’70s to the utilitarian Wedge Newsletter of the ’90s. And starting in March, it will be changing again. One of the biggest changes is the move from being printed six times a year to becoming a quarterly publication. This shift will allow us to provide the membership with substantive articles and act as a trusted resource; illuminating the many, often-convoluted facets of food production, local economies and healthy diets. To accommodate and align with the store rebranding, it will also be changing in look and feel.

Concurrent with these changes, we will also be moving some aspects of the newsletter to a twice-monthly email update, which will convey more-timely pieces of information, such as our remodel progress, member specials and new products. These shifts to fewer hard-copy issues and more digital content will allow us to save paper and continue to push our own sustainability goals forward.

The following survey is intended to help us get an idea of what you would like to see from your member newsletter and ensure that we bring you the highest quality information on topics that you, as a Wedge member, care about.

So please take five minutes and fill out this form. When you return it to the store (there will be a box at the Customer Service desk) you will be entered for a drawing to win one of three $50 Wedge gift cards. You must fill out the entire survey and return it to the store by Friday, Jan. 17, 2014, to be eligible for the drawing. Winners will be notified via email. We look forwarded to hearing your thoughts!