Wedge Remodel

A Walkthrough
By Kristi Pluimer, Project Director

The first phase of the Lyndale remodel project is the exterior work and is currently underway. This consists of replacing
damaged brick and mortar, re­caulking the windows, removing old signage and staining the building. Interior construction
phases are slated to start in late January or early February 2016. We will remain open during construction and encourage
you to sign up for our email newsletter for frequent updates. We have some very exciting changes in the layout of the
store. Below is an overview of what you can look forward to in the new-and-improved Wedge!

Starting at the north entrance, we are cornering off the building so it will no longer be at an angle. This allows us to
create an entryway vestibule to house the carts (and keep the store cleaner and safer), as well as provide sliding doors
for two-way foot traffic. You will enter into Produce which is in the same area it is now, but with larger aisles and more room to shop. At the end of Produce,
the Bulk Foods selection begins. The Bulk section will lead into bulk herbs and spices.

From there, if you veer left, you will find the refrigerated and frozen cases. Or straight ahead you will enter the
Health & Body Care department. Both of these routes lead you to the Meat & Seafood department, which will include one of
our exciting (and long-requested) new services: sliced meats! Further down will be the Deli counter where you can
still find your favorite madeto-order burritos and sandwiches. The Deli counter then leads into a staffed Cheese
counter, followed by Wedge artisan and vendor breads. From here you can see another new feature: an additional
entrance to the store on the south side. It is smaller and designed for shoppers on foot, or someone coming in
for a few items or a quick lunch stop. With limited parking in the south lot and 22nd Street parking we hope this
entrance will give us a slight reduction in the traffic congestion in the main lot. Additional bike racks will
also be added on the south side.

Once through the south entrance, the Juice Bar will be to your left. There will be an express register lane for
coffee, juices, treats or anything in the store you wish to purchase. The Juice Bar will have an added feature of
a walk-up window on Lyndale for your morning coffee, a pastry or a soft-serve cone. Back inside, just past the
Juice Bar will be our new seating area. With many windows and natural light, it will be a welcoming spot to
enjoy a meal. Nearby, will be a self-serve Hot Bar and Salad Bar, as well as a large Deli Grab ‘n’ Go section,
and rotisserie chickens that are roasted on-site. In the center of the store the grocery aisles run north/south
instead of east/west.

The floor plan you see here is a culmination of ideas and suggestions from engaging owners, shoppers,and staff
for feedback. We’re really excited about the changes and being able to add the services you requested.

The most popular customer request was to improve parking. We are currently talking to the city of
Minneapolis about how we can improve the entrances/exits and flow in the lot, and while those changes are unlikely
to be part of this remodel, we remain hopeful that it will be improved in the near future.

The project is estimated to be completed at the end of September 2016. As of the writing of this article, we are
still fine-tuning the floor plan and equipment needs. The construction work will be done in phases, which, as you
can imagine, have a lot of details to be worked out. We plan on remaining open throughout the entire process and
will provide continual information on how the project may (or may not) impact your shopping. Check out the latest
drawings and information in the store at the entrance area. As always, thank you for your support.