Wedgeshare Concern For Community

We have much to celebrate! We’ve just closed another successful fiscal year and launched an exciting new expansion project. Now, as member-owners, we have a special opportunity to share the success of our cooperative through WedgeShare, our philanthropic program. Each year, a portion of our annual profit is allocated back to the community to support organizations working for a better world. This year, we have $75,000 to give!

As co-op members, we get to “vote with our food dollars” everyday—directly supporting local producers and participating in a cooperative business that keeps dollars in our community. But your actual vote for WedgeShare candidates is a chance to further reinvest in your community by supporting organizations working for a better world through diverse and exciting projects. Since 1997, WedgeShare has donated over $600,000 total to 45 local organizations selected by the membership. A review of previously selected projects reflects the values we share as a diverse membership of over 15,000: commitment to food and farming, social justice, renewable energy, clean water, recycling, health and well-being, community arts, youth, and sustainable transportation.

Over the past months, the WedgeShare Committee received and evaluated over 30 proposals from a diverse group of applicants representing organizations of all sizes. Now it is your turn to decide which organizations should receive WedgeShare grants. Please read the program descriptions (pp. 6 & 7) carefully and cast your vote. WedgeShare voting is done on the same ballot as the board election. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Marjorie Hegstrom,
WedgeShare Committee Chair