What Is In Store

1. Megafood with Matt’s Vitamin C

Megafood with Matt’s Vitamin C
This vitamin C is sourced from hand-picked
Uncle Matt’s organic oranges.

30 ct $18.99

90 ct $34.79

Currently on sale for $27.79, while supplies last.

2. All Good Lips Tinted Lip Balms

Tinted with the earth’s natural minerals to
create six different hues and flavored with
a hint of organic peppermint oil, these also
provide SPF 18 protection thanks to zinc oxide.
0.15 oz. tube for$4.99

3. Immuno Viva Black Cumin Seed Oil

This antioxidant superstar is concentrated
black raspberry and certified organic black
cumin seed oils.
5.6oz for $49.99 & 120ct for $54.99

4. ECOS 4x Cleaner

Same great formula in a more handy bottle
size. Great for HE washing machines. Earth
Friendly is now certified as a carbon-neutral
company. 25 oz. for $8.29

5. Dang Coconut Chips

Inspired by Thai-street vendor food, these
toasted coconut chips come in original or
salted caramel flavors. 3.17 oz. for $4.59

6. Punk Rawk Vegan Nut Milk Cheese

Locally handmade, nut-based, fermented
product. Try three cashew varieties: nacho,
herb, plain ($11.59) or the smoked cashew
macadamia blend ($14.79). 5 oz. size

7. Pizzarella

The name says it all! Shred this and put it on
your pizza for a tangy, delicious alternative to
cow’s milk mozzarella. $18.99/lb.

8. Smoked Somerset

A rich, tangy sheep’s milk cheddar that has
been hickory smoked. Use it in your favorite
macaroni-and-cheese recipe for a special treat.

9. Living Waters Roma Tomatoes

Living Waters Gardens produces outstanding,
hydroponically-grown local tomatoes nearly
year-round. Prices vary