What’s New – Winter 2018

Our buyers are always on the hunt for the best local, healthy and organic products to fill our shelves. We’re excited about the new products that have recently arrived at the Wedge and Linden Hills!

Ultimate Paleo Protein Collagen Peptides

Collagen is quickly gaining popularity in health food circles. It’s a crucial part of our connective tissue and musculoskeletal system. Supplementing with collagen can support a healthy gut, joints, brain function, weight management, bone density, healthy skin and more. The Ultimate Paleo Protein Collagen Peptides are made from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. It’s a flavorless product with no additives, which makes it a perfect addition to any hot or cold beverages or smoothies. You can find it with the protein powders at both Linden Hills and the Wedge Co-op!

Ithaca Hummus

This delicious hummus features unique combinations of raw, fresh ingredients. Ithaca cold presses their hummus in order to lock in freshness, nutrients and flavor. It is made without preservatives, citric acid, canola or soy. It’s also a non-GMO and gluten-free product. Try this tasty hummus with your favorite crackers or local veggies. You can find the Roasted Red Pepper, Fresh Lemon Dill, Smoked Chipotle and Lemon Garlic in the refrigerated case near the hot bar at Wedge Lyndale.

Wildly Organic Coconut Oil

Wildly Organic was the first U.S. company to sell organic coconut oil. Seventeen years later, they continue to produce high quality coconut oil made of non-GMO, organically grown coconuts that are processed without chemical solvents and additives. Wildly Organic coconut oil is available in refined and unrefined varieties, which makes it great for frying, baking or using in raw recipes. Better yet, it’s a family-owned business based in Silver Bay, MN and available at the Wedge and Linden Hills!

Inessecents Aromatic Botanicals CBD Topicals

The Inessecents CBD topicals are skin-nourishing salves, available in varieties like Moontime Harmony, Hot Freeze and Extra Strength. These unique products contain nourishing essential oils and organic herbs paired with high-potency cannabinoid (CBD) extract to provide optimal results. These topical salves are in the Wellness departments at the Wedge and Linden Hills.

Ommie Snacks

Ommie Snacks is another local gem that just landed on the shelves at Wedge Lyndale. Ommie Snacks are nutrient-dense energy bars made primarily of dried fruit and seeds. These bars are a nut-free, high protein snack that are packed full of healthy fats, fiber, zinc, iron, and omega-3s. Enjoy flavors like apricot chai, lemon poppy, and coconut pineapple, all produced locally in Chanhassen, MN.

Look in our stores for these new products and more!


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