Wedge Community Co-op

2105 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405
612 871-3993

Wedge Table

2412 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404
612 465-8844

Wedge Catering

612 465-8840

Customer Service

612 871-3993

The Wedge wants to hear from you! If you have a question to ask us, an idea to improve our store, need info about employment, or if you want to contact the co-op’s Board of Directors, please use the form below and be sure to select the appropriate category. We will not use any of your provided information to send you unsolicited information, nor will we put your email on any lists.

If you are requesting a donation please review our guidelines HERE. Please note that all donation requests must be made at least two months prior to the date needed.

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