Election Results

2016 Election Results – Co-op Consolidation
The consolidation vote results will be announced October 28, 2016 following the elections at Eastside and Linden Hills Co-ops.

2016 Election Results – Board of Directors
The 2016 Board of Director election results were announced at the Wedge Co-op annual meeting Tuesday, October 18, 2016. Seven candidates ran for four (4) open positions on the Board of Directors.Three seats are for three-year terms and one seat is fulfilling the remaining year of a three-year term. The candidate with the fourth highest number of votes will serve the one-year term.

Congratulations to Marjorie Hegstrom, Dale Wiehoff, and Tom Pierson who were elected to three-year terms and Jane Schommer who was elected to fulfill the remaining one-year term. Thank you to all candidates for your time, passion and willingness to serve the Wedge Co-op. Thank to all owners for engaging in the democratic process and voting in election.

Marjorie Hegstrom        1446
Michael Heidkamp          721
Sarah Nettleton               736
Bryan Newman                624
Tom Pierson                     789
Jane Schommer              768
Dale Wiehoff                   1016

2016 Election Results – WedgeShare Grant
WedgeShare votes are ranked and final grant allocations based on owner votes will be approved by the Board and announced at a later date.