Go Bananas with Equal Exchange!

March is banana month and all bananas are not created equal! The bananas you buy at the co-op vs. other stores may look the same except for the stickers, but they are very different. Fairly Traded Bananas from Equal Exchange directly support small-scale farmer communities and improve the lives of the farmers, workers and producers in Ecuador and Peru. Equal Exchange works with 1,220 small-scale banana farmers that supply 350 co-ops/stores and reach 11 million consumers (you).

In 2017* alone, Equal Exchange customers purchased 23.3 million fairly traded bananas and from those purchases $3.77 million was paid directly to the small-scale producers! Plus, an additional $292 thousand was paid toward farmer/worker healthcare and farm renovations after Peru floods.

So let’s go 🍌B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 

Meet El Guabo, a farmer-run cooperative of 450 small-scale banana farmers in Ecuador

Meet CEPIBO, a grower-run non-profit organization consisting of 1,400 families in Peru.

Watch the Equal Exchange Ecuador Delegation video and hear from the farmers, workers and producers in the supply chain.

*from the Equal Exchange 2017 Banana Impact Infographic