New Neighborhood Compost Drop-off Site

Starting August 1st, the Wedge is partnering with the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Assoc. to offer compost drop off for the neighborhood!

The City of Minneapolis offers several organics drop-off locations around the city for folks who do not have access to organics recycling at their home. None of the current drop-offs are very convenient for folks living in or near the Wedge neighborhood, so LHENA reached out to have the Wedge be a drop-off site.

To sign up for access, go to

The six bins, located in the south parking lot, have locks on them. Everyone must sign-up at and you will receive the code. The drop-off is open to anyone: Wedge customers, neighborhood residents and staff are all welcome to use it. Once a week, material in the bins is picked up by the City haulers just like they would for residents, and transported to a commercial compost site where it will be broken down and eventually turned into rich soil-building compost.

The Wedge sells compost bags in the general merchandise section. Happy composting!