Wedge Lyndale

The Wedge Lyndale is our flagship cooperative grocery store, where we’ve spent over 40 years providing the freshest ingredients and best local products to our community of committed owners and customers. With nine amazing departments and a newly renovated store layout, it’s the best version of the Wedge yet.

Produce & Floral


The Wedge’s Produce Department is our shining star; it’s won so many awards over the years it’s hard to even keep track. More like a seven day-a-week farmer’s market than a grocery store department, it connects the dots between the pleasures of a perfectly ripe tomato or crispy carrot and the local organic farms that help our region thrive. We support over 40 regional growers to source local produce year-round, not just during Minnesota’s too-short growing season.

Our Produce Department also has more experience than any organic retailer in Minnesota. We were the first Certified Organic Produce Department in the state, starting in 2002, and we’ve earned the certification every year since. We sell seven organic items to every one conventional product, and our produce staff is fully trained in national organic standards and regulations. Seriously, they know everything, don’t be afraid to test their knowledge with tough questions.


Sometimes the only thing that will get you through Minnesota’s coldest winter months is a vase of freshly-cut flowers. At the Wedge we offer locally grown flowers year-round, straight from the greenhouses of Len Busch Roses in Plymouth, MN.

Come springtime our selection expands thanks to the hard work of local flower farms like Humble Pie in Plum City, WI who craft beautiful bouquets made with lots of love and guaranteed to brighten your day.

We’re also you’re one-stop shop for growing a garden of your own. With certified organic garden seeds from High Mowing, flower bulbs imported from Holland, and locally-sourced potting soils and compost, we’ve got everything you need to green up those thumbs.

Meat & Seafood



Seventy percent of the meat we sell comes from local producers, with whom we’ve cultivated close relationships with over the 40 years we’ve been in business. They set the standard for sustainable farming and ranching practices in our region and for the country.

Our full-service butcher shop now slices deli meat to order from local brands like Ferndale, Beeler’s La Quercia and Red Table Meat Co. Every day our staff produce custom sausages and fresh ground meats in the room right behind the counter. You can even watch them work! And because they’re specialists, they can tell you how to cook anything and are happy to make custom cuts if you don’t see something you want.



As much as we can, we buy our seafood directly from the fisherman. We take deliveries six days a week, guaranteeing that you will find only the highest quality, freshest seafood in our cases. We don’t buy over-fished species or seafood from endangered ecosystems.

The Wedge has long-standing relationships with Alaskan fishermen, giving us access to sustainably caught Sockeye, King and Coho salmon. Rainbow trout comes to us directly from the ice-cold spring waters of Star Prairie Farm in Wisconsin. And we have a wide selection of fresh and smoked herring, whitefish and lake trout from fishermen around the Upper Midwest. These partnerships are crucial to providing you with the best selection of seafood at the highest levels of transparency.



Because we place a high priority on environmentally friendly practices and products, our Meat and Seafood department also recently replaced Styrofoam trays with ones made from renewable sources such as sugar cane pulp, cattails, tapioca root, corn starch, asparagus, and/or bamboo. These trays break down quickly and can be composted if you’re part of the city composting program. For backyard composting, you may want to discard them because they have been in contact with raw meat.



Whether you’re looking for a nutritious meal to power you through the day, or just need a few quick, quality calories, a diverse array of food options at the Wedge Deli has you covered.

Stop by the Wedge Kitchen for a tasty meal, made to order just the way you like it. Featuring burritos, sandwiches, and naan-zas with many vegan and gluten-free options, there’s something for everyone at the Kitchen. Build-your-own or choose from our carefully crafted, seasonally rotating menu.

The new self-serve Salad and Hot Table food bars give you even more flexibility. With the best fresh fruits and veggies from our award-winning produce department, and a daily changing selection of delicious hot entrees, you can always put together exactly the meal you want. And each item is accompanied by a complete list of ingredients so you can make informed choices and always know exactly what you’re getting.

Stop by the Deli for breakfast, lunch or dinner—or visit our bakery cases for a dizzying array of scones, muffins, cookies, cakes and pies, all baked at our commissary kitchen just a few blocks away. You’re guaranteed to find exactly the treat you need, made with the highest quality ingredients.



Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked bread? Not when it’s made by Wedge Bakemaster Tim Kastner and his amazing team of bakers who start working before dawn to mix dough, proof loaves and hand-craft artisanal breads according to the finest Old World traditions.

We make a full line of sandwich breads, buns and dinner rolls, available fresh every day. This includes certified organic and gluten-free options so you can have your bread and eat it too, no matter your dietary restrictions. Daily favorites include Organic Flour Tortillas, Cranberry Walnut, Old World Rye, Olive bread, Whole Wheat Batards, Pizza Dough, Baguettes and more. Others are only available on certain days of the week:

  • Jalapeño Cheese – Monday, Tuesday
  • Challah – Friday
  • Pumpernickel – Sunday
  • Sesame Semolina – Saturday

The Bakehouse also makes some mean sweet treats. Our European-style pastries are made from hand-rolled puff pastry dough with real Wisconsin butter. Get here when we open and the croissants, Danish, galettes and rolls will still be warm.



Cutting the cheese is no laughing matter at the Wedge. With more than 200 cheeses on offer daily—a third of which are local—it’s a lot of work to keep them all straight. But with our newly remodeled full-service cheese counter we can help you find whatever it is you’re craving. Featuring everything from local cave-aged blues to French sheep feta and fresh mozzarella we pull ourselves, it’s staffed by the most knowledgeable cheese-buyers around. Because we make a point to only select cheeses from producers we trust, our staff can tell you the story behind each and every product we carry. Plus, samples!

Coffee & Juice Bar

The west side of the store is home to a bit of history: the first Certified Organic Juice bar in the country. With a premier menu of healthy, custom-made juices, smoothies and shakes, you’re sure to find just the right boost to get you through your day. (Wheatgrass shot anyone?)

It’s also the spot where you’ll find fresh-brewed organic coffee from Kickapoo Coffee Roasters in Viroqua, Wisconsin, and a host of helpful baristas to make your favorite espresso drink, fresh to order. Or try something off our all-organic tea menu, offering fair-trade versions of classics like Earl Grey and Chamomile Lavender.

Also, did we mention the Coconut Soft Serve!? This soy-free, dairy-free/vegan and gluten-free frozen treat is made right in our own kitchen with a secret recipe that even the most pro-dairy ice cream lovers can’t get enough of. Try it in one of our shakes or straight up in a dish or cone; it comes in chocolate, vanilla, and of course, twisted swirl.

Health & Body Care

Wellness is all about being healthy inside and out. And what you put on the body, goes in the body. Which is why the Wedge’s Health and Body Care Department only features products as pure as the food we sell. So whether you’re looking for supplements, vitamins, minerals and herbs, or all-natural toothpastes, sunscreens, soaps and beauty products, you can rest assured that if you find it here, it’s safe, effective, and of the highest quality.

While there’s no better time than now to start taking your health seriously, Wellness Wednesdays are a close second. On the first Wednesday of each month all shoppers receive a 10% discount on all supplements, including vitamins, herbs, minerals and homeopathic remedies. So mark your calendars, and stop on by!



At the Wedge, bulk really is better. With more 350 products to choose from, you save an average of 89% by buying bulk food. More if you bring your own container! Plus you can buy exactly how much you need. So whether it’s a pinch or a pound from our vast selection of dried beans, flours, grains, seeds, nuts, oils, eggs, spices and teas, you know you’re always getting a good deal.





Our most diverse department, Grocery offers an amazing selection of organic, local foods that are hard to find anywhere else. Need a spicy new hot sauce? We’ve got a dozen varieties made here in the Midwest. Vegan mayonnaise? Check. Gluten-free pizza crusts? You got it. Twin Cities-churned ice creams from Sonny’s, Izzy’s, Pumphouse and Sweet Science? Oh yeah. Big. Time. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our grocery buyers have been seeking out the best in carefully crafted local foods for more than 40 years. It’s no wonder our shelves are bursting with wholesome, handcrafted goodness!


Wedge Basics

Our Wedge Basics program ensures affordable prices for everyday essential ingredients. Look for the designation throughout the store, on more than 60 products, to find the co-op’s most affordable foods and wellness products. Don’t worry, we’re not lowering product quality standards or paying farmers any less. We’re simple giving extra-low prices on a selection of healthful products that everyone should have access to, even on a budget. There’s no need to enroll in a special program to benefit from Wedge Basics, just look for the signs to find everyday savings!

View Wedge Basics list

Co-op Explorers

It’s the Co-op Membership just for Kids!

Kids 12 and under can bring their parents to the Customer Service desk to sign up and receive an official Co-op Explorers Member Card!

Show your member card each time you come into the Wedge and get a FREE piece of fruit from our Co-op Explorers cart, as well as a FREE grass-fed beef stick from the Meat department!

Be sure to grab a Co-op Explorers passport to learn more about all of the awesome fruits and vegetables you can find in our Produce department. Happy exploring!