What Pride means to our Co-op

We love the diverse and inclusive community the co-op provides for both our customers and staff. Read what some of our employees say pride means to them:

Nora Figi, Wedge Lyndale Prepared Foods

“Pride has many definitions: a group of lions; pleasure or satisfaction from one’s achievements; the best in a group or class; or my personal favorite, a celebration of inclusivity and achievements in equality.

Every year, around the anniversary of the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village (June 28, 1969) Minneapolis commemorates our diverse heritage and provides an opportunity for education and increased awareness of the LGBTQ+ community. This beautiful, peaceful gathering is one of my favorite summer celebrations in the Cities, and one of the best weekends to work at TCCP’s Wedge Community Co-op! Everyone who takes the walk from Loring Park to the Wedge has such incredible energy (full of pride!) and brings this energy into the store, making the day bright, soulful, and positive. It is also a great opportunity to focus on two co-op principles: education, training, and information (principle 5); and concern for community (principle 7). I am happy to be a part of this family, and proud of my community for recognizing and supporting diversity!”

Tracie Lemberg, Linden Hills Health & Body Care

“I’m elated to have PRIDE at my job because:  PRIDE is happy.  PRIDE is knowing that the laws that matter are the ones from the heart.  PRIDE is a force that can’t be stopped.  PRIDE is all emotions in one, with emphasis on love.  PRIDE is all the colors in every spectrum.  PRIDE goes beyond the “worlds” we’ve built on this planet.  PRIDE is in me and I hope it’s in you!”

Soren Narum, Wedge Table Grocery

“Pride to me means being able to comfortably express and celebrate one’s true self-identity and enabling others to feel the same way about themselves. I am really lucky to be a part of an inclusive company at the Table and TCCP. I am proud of the work we get to do here, being able to serve the people of the Whittier community and the Twin Cities as a whole!”

Angela Ritchie, Wedge Table Store Manager

“Pride means the ability to live your life out loud. To be the most authentic expression of yourself there is, whatever that means to you and however you feel comfortable sharing. The world can be a dark place, and allowing people to be themselves with freedom and acceptance is a true gift. To me – pride means kindness and joy and expression. Who doesn’t want more of that?!”

Charity Paye, Wedge Lyndale Prepared Foods

“Pride is a feeling I get when I’m on stage performing.  It’s like a high no one can take from you.  Pride is your best character.”

Emily Kaster, Linden Hills & Wedge Lyndale Health and Body Care

‘As Wellness Manager at Linden Hills Coop and Wedge Coop I have so much PRIDE in the organization I get to be a part of everyday. Working for Coops that PRIDE themselves on inclusion, respect and integrity is so empowering to me as an employee and member of our community. The Coops provide so much more than a place to shop, they provide a safe, open place where ALL ARE TRULY WELCOME, I am so PROUD to work and shop at the Linden Hills Coop and the Wedge Coop where we can really make a difference!’